Vetements dedicated a collection of Bitcoin millionaires and models OnlyFans

Guram Gvasalia dedicated his collection to influencers and crypto investors – the “new upper class” of the 2020s.

“Designers of the early 20th century focused on industrial tycoons who made money from oil, real estate and chocolate – is talking Guram. “This collection is pushing for a rethinking of fashion for a new era.”

New buyers of luxury goods – successful Tiktokers, crypto enthusiasts, Only Fans models – see privacy as the main luxury. “You don’t have to be Kim Kardashian to feel a lack of personal space,” says Guram. So, the collection now includes masks that hide the entire face. This homage also includes his brother Demne, who founded Vetements and now works at Balenciaga. He came to the Met Gala wearing a mask with Kim (and became a meme). There were other references to Demna’s work: oversized silhouettes, a print with money, the inscription The Gvasalias in the “Simpsons” font, which dedicated the episode of Balenciaga to Paris Fashion Week.

Apart from covering the eyes, Guram turned to functional design. Jeans and jackets have built-in locks that change the silhouette depending on what fit the buyer wants to achieve. Jackets, trousers and shirts are made from knitted fabric – a quarantine compromise that allows you to stay in comfort without sacrificing dress code rules.


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