Victoria Beckham has released a new collection of gifts for the New Year and Christmas

Former Spice Girls member and designer Victoria Beckham showed a new collection of gifts for Christmas and New Year. “Small or large – find the perfect gift”, – calls on Victoria.

The founder of the brand included accessories and T-shirts with fun prints in Victoria Beckham’s festive guide for the brand, which will be the perfect gift for loved ones on Christmas and New Years. The collection, titled “A Little Something,” was created so that people who received these gifts could “shine ahead of the New Year with exquisite handbags, eye-catching sunglasses and exquisite clothing,” the brand’s official website says.

The collection includes classic-framed sunglasses, leather straps with an unusual buckle, elegant gold pendants, and bags. In addition, fans of the brand will be able to purchase T-shirts with the words “Try and make me smile” and other interesting prints.

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