VIDEO – Argan oil: its manufacture and its multiple benefits

Isabelle Delannoy, agricultural engineer, guest on the show The Daily on France 5, reveals all the secrets of this oil coming straight from Morocco … It is the fruit of the argan tree, nicknamed “the tree of life” by Moroccans, which is used to make this oil.

After being dried in the sun for a week, these fruits are then broken, in a traditional way. It will not take less than 40 kg of fruit to obtain 1 liter of oil! The almonds are then recovered, from which the cosmetic oil is extracted, this time using a machine.

An oil with multiple benefits

When applied topically, it can be an excellent anti-wrinkle, especially thanks to the Omega 6 it contains, which has healing properties and helps to regenerate the skin. So ideal against acne cracks and scars.

Also rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E (antioxidant), argan oil, will help protect the skin from external aggressions.

It is also appreciated on the hair, to nourish dry ends, or in the form of a mask, which is applied before shampooing.

Who is it for ?

Argan oil is particularly recommended for mature skin. Before you start, test on a small area such as your elbow to make sure you don’t have an allergy. Also, if you are taking blood thinners, consider talking to your doctor, the two may not be compatible.

You can also find all the beauty and well-being columns of Anne-Marie Gabelica, founder of the oOlution brand, on the La Quotidienne website.

The daily on France 5 from Monday to Friday at 11:45 am.

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