Virginie Viard – the gray eminence at the helm of Chanel – through the eyes of Kristen Stewart

Chanel creative director Virginie Viard has never been interviewed, so there is very little information about her. Almost a year has passed since her high-profile appointment. During this time, Virginie Viard has done a tremendous job, having managed not only to continue the traditions of Karl Lagerfeld, but also to bring something of her own. Virginie is focused not only on the beautiful picture that Kaiser devoted all his time to, but also on creating fashionable clothes for real life.

On the occasion of the launch of the spring-summer collection and the anniversary of the start of a new chapter in the history of the brand, Chanel decided to acquaint everyone with Virginie Viard by releasing a video dedicated to her work. In the frame is the brand’s muse Kristen Stewart. The actress shares her impressions of Virginie’s collections and of her as a person.

“She is so unconventional and genuine that she has to hide behind a kind of shell. But the unstoppable spirit of rock breaks out from under the external gloss, ”Stewart says in the video.

Virginie Viard has been working in the French fashion house for over 30 years. Before joining Chanel, she created things under her own brand Nirvana. Virginie joined the brand in 1987 as an embroidery trainee and in four years has grown to become a studio director. Karl Lagerfeld personally contributed to her rapid career growth. He immediately noticed the girl’s talent and eventually made her his right hand. Virginie Viard was responsible for managing the creative team, purchasing fabrics and accessories, and quality control of the collections. Now the designer is a part of the new history of the fashion house. And we hope that in the near future she will tell about herself and her impressions.


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