Vitaa sublime with a canon hairstyle for her long bob this summer

Followed by more than 724,000 subscribers on Instagram, Vitaa regularly shares moments of her professional and personal life. Recently, Vitaa flaunted a so chic express hairstyle for summer. She also unveiled a sublime beauty setting with a beautiful eye makeup, or a new way to style your long bob, or the trendy haircut of the year! More recently, the 37-year-old singer posted a snapshot in which she appears. smarter than ever in a sublime lilac-colored outfit, with a very summery hair look. His fans love it!

Vitaa adopts a trendy hair accessory for a successful summer hairstyle

On the shot in question, Vitaa reveals her sublime long square styled in an adorable way for this summer. Her wavy hair is all pulled back on one and the same side of the head (a few locks come to hide half of her face) thanks to a hair accessory that is all the rage this summer : the flowery barrette! It remains to be seen whether it is really a barrette or a real flower, but, either way, the two options are perfect for creating a trendy and jovial look! Regarding the maxi format hair clips (which are generally only worn on one side of the head): avoid putting more than 2 or 3 in order not to overload yourself. On the other hand, if they are fine and discreet, the tendency is to multiply them: chic and glamorous result guaranteed. The photo in question has garnered over 29,000 likes from her many fans and has been highly commented on: “The flower in your hair, wow!”, “I think this photo is beautiful”, “You shine, it’s nice to see”, “You look beautiful with or without makeup”, “You are just perfect” can we read, among the comments. What do you think ?


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