Vitaa: this ultra-simple hairstyle from our childhood

Followed by more than 729,000 subscribers on Instagram, Vitaa very often posts photos of her professional and personal life there. Last month, she displayed a cannon hairstyle on its long bob. She also unveiled a second express hairstyle and so chic for the summer. Finally, the artist shared one of her sublime beauty treatments and then a new way to style her long bob, the most popular haircut of the year! More recently, the 37-year-old singer posted a snap on Instagram, in which she appears. more trendy than ever, with a very fashionable hairstyle this summer and which reminds us of our childhood: the half ponytail. Many fans have complimented her.

Vitaa adopts the half ponytail: how to achieve it?

Very easy to reproduce, the half ponytail is a hairstyle as trendy as it is practical. Here are the steps to follow: first, separate your hair in two starting from behind the ears. We then tie the upper part (as if to make a ponytail), deciding whether to wear it higher or lower, and voila! This very fashionable hairstyle is by the way the obsession with singer Ariana Grande, which she likes to wear high and very tight. What do we particularly like with the half ponytail? It’s the fact that we can wear it as well smooth as curly or wavy, like Vitaa! Her fans have also been numerous to compliment her, under her new Instagram publication which caused a sensation (and which exceeded 25,000 “likes” in 24 hours): “The most beautiful”, “I am dazzled”, “Em bombe”, “You are magnificent”, “Beautiful to your fingertips” can we read. Canon, what do you think?



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