Vitaa too hot with an express hairstyle and so chic for the summer

Followed by more than 720,000 subscribers on Instagram, Vitaa regularly shares photos of her professional and personal life. Recently, she displayed a sublime eye makeup. Vitaa unveiled a new way to style her long bob, or the trendy haircut this year ! A few days ago, the 37-year-old singer this time posted a photo in which she displays a sublime tanned complexion without UV cabins, an ultra-white smile and a hairstyle that is on the rise in summer. it’s about the high ponytail ! Glamorous, practical and effective in hot weather, isn’t it?

Vitaa canon: she adopts the high ponytail

Who Said It Is Difficult To Style Short Hair Or Medium Length Hair? Vitaa proves the opposite! Although people who have opted for a bob are a little more limited in terms of hairstyles, it is nevertheless quite possible to vary hair looks. Models more glamorous from each other can be reproduced with ease: from braid hairstyle with a low bun for women with a long bob, with hair slicked back (wet look) or even the famous ponytail (low or high). Appreciated for its practicality and glamor, the high ponytail is a hairstyle simple to achieve and practical to wear, especially in summer, when our hair tends to encumber us.
Moreover, this hairstyle is available in several versions and adapts to all styles: you can also wear it smooth, curly or wavy. But also give it a touch of originality by using hair accessories such as barrettes, very trendy this year. The photo of the starlet in question has garnered more than 27,000 likes and a shower of very encouraging and positive comments. “You are beautiful”, “So beautiful”, “What a beauty”, “You are the best” His fans are totally won over! And you ?


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