Vitamins, relaxation therapy, diet 15 reflexes to adopt to regain energy!

Boost energy, chase fatigue … Change is now!

With the start of the school year not far away and the end of the year approaching, there is the list of “good resolutions” and the daily listing. To manage everything and keep the sunshine and the benefits of the holidays as long as possible, nothing better than adopting simple reflexes, which will be registered in the long term.

Expert advice to gain vitality

Three questions Doctor Laurence Benedetti, specialized in micronutrition.

The pitfalls of the recovery after the holidays?
Wanting to answer your 1,200 late emails at once, start playing sports 5 times a week, in short find yourself in a frantic activity, which in less than a week will undermine the beneficial effect of the holidays. Better to approach the recovery in a cool way with silly things, for example to start giving up the habits of aperitifs of the summer and that of snacking between meals.

Light therapy (dawn simulator), a good idea?
Yes, if you never see the light of day; which may be the case in large cities: no bay windows in your workplace, no outdoor activity, it is dark when you arrive and leave. In this case, to have your light count, count 30 min of light therapy in the morning or at noon (even if you take your lamp to your workplace), your energy level and the quality of your sleep are likely to be reduced. ‘improve. You should know that taking melatonin as a supplement does not work if the rate of exposure to light is insufficient. To fill up on vitamin D, we can also bet on food by giving priority to foods that contain a maximum.

And to strengthen?
Blackcurrant and echinacea (in the form of fluid extracts to be diluted in a glass of water), as a one-month cure.


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