We analyze all the pros and cons of wearing braces in adulthood

A beautiful smile is the key to success. In the struggle for it, you have to spend a lot of effort and money. If whiteness can be achieved thanks to 1-2 procedures at the dentist, then it will take up to two years to eliminate curvature and correct the occlusion. And you will have to constantly wear braces. Of course, in adolescence, problems can be corrected much faster, but is it worth giving up your dream at a more mature age? Each dental procedure has its own pros and cons. Therefore, before installing braces, weigh all the pros and cons, using our information.

For minor problems, your dentist may advise plastic plates or orthodontic braces. A plus is the ability to remove them for hygiene procedures or during meals, but such systems cannot cope with complex flaws. Therefore, it is mainly prescribed for children and adolescents. A faster way to correct curvature is with veneers. Only they do not solve the problem, they only hide it.

Do you need?

Let’s first figure out what it is. Braces are a metal alloy arch with shape memory programmed. It aligns the teeth in a row due to constant resistance and gentle pressure, and the structure can also pull out what has grown incorrectly.

Should you get braces in adulthood?

Usually they think about installation when it is necessary:

  • correct the wrong position of the jaws or one tooth;
  • shift the center line;
  • reduce the distance between the teeth;
  • correct profile defect or face asymmetry;
  • make a smile more aesthetically pleasing;
  • give the face harmony;
  • put an arched shape on the ratified teeth.

Only an orthodontist should place braces after a thorough examination and discussion of all the nuances. If a layman does this, the result can be disastrous.

The procedure is recommended at the age of 10-18, but in some cases it is done earlier or later.

The process is painless, and while wearing the structure, you will only need to visit the doctor periodically so that he can adjust the arc and observe changes.

Should you get braces in adulthood?

What are they?

Braces are divided into external, internal and hidden. Invisible elements look much more aestheticbut they have a high cost due to the complicated mounting. They are usually made according to individual orders.

Systems can also be divided according to the materials from which they are made:

  • ceramic;
  • metal;
  • polymer;
  • combined with the addition of other materials;
  • composite.

Should you get braces in adulthood?

There is also a classification by the duration of wearing:

  • small – up to a year;
  • medium – up to 2 years;
  • large – from 2 years.

The most popular are external metal correctors.… They are affordable and easy to use and maintain. In second place are ceramic – more reliable and beautiful, but the cost is higher. Sapphire is also in demand – the most expensive, but aesthetically perfect.

Smart systems are also often used – they are self-regulated and are as easy to use as possible. They cost a lot, but the result is achieved faster than with other braces.

The selection of the correction system should be done individually. First of all, listen to the advice of a dentist who will tell you what exactly is right in your case. The question of materials is secondary – it depends only on how much you can allocate for correction.

Should you get braces in adulthood?


Before you decide to install braces, be sure to think about the benefits or harm they will bring. There are a number of contraindications for which they cannot be worn.

Absolute prohibitions are imposed on such conditions and diseases as:

  • chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • mental disorders;
  • alcohol or drug addiction;
  • problems with the endocrine system;
  • allergy to the components of braces or the materials with which they are installed;
  • diseases of the bones or musculoskeletal system;
  • oncology.

Should you get braces in adulthood?

General (temporary) contraindications include:

  • inflammation in the mouth;
  • periodontitis;
  • caries;
  • poor dental health;
  • lack of oral hygiene;
  • abuse of sweet;
  • chalk stains and tartar;
  • a large number of crowns and fillings.

Should you get braces in adulthood?

In addition to prohibitions, the process of wearing braces itself also has disadvantages. The most important of these is the difficulty of getting used to. Not every person is able to easily accept a permanent foreign object in the oral cavity. This causes discomfort, which negatively affects mood and overall performance.

The main disadvantages of the design in the mouth:

  • less aesthetic smile;
  • harder to keep your mouth clean
  • sometimes there are minor injuries – rubbing, biting;
  • deterioration of diction;
  • the need to adhere to a diet;
  • installation and maintenance costs.

However, the result is worth enduring for a while. After all, you will get an irresistible smile and even, beautiful teeth. You can quickly strengthen the enamel damaged during wearing by following our recommendations from the article “Tips on how to strengthen tooth enamel”.

Should you get braces in adulthood?


The design, invented many years ago by English dentists, revolutionized aesthetic dentistry. Thanks to her, in our time, you do not need to resort to surgery to correct defects in the bite or teeth.

Why wear braces:

  • the aesthetics of the face is not disturbed;
  • caries is unlikely to appear on teeth that are held in an arch;
  • painless installation;
  • the bite can change completely, if necessary;
  • the correction system can be selected to your taste;
  • braces do not interfere with cleaning and treating the oral cavity.

Should you get braces in adulthood?

No one can be insured against tragic accidents. Previously, congenital or acquired defects of bones and teeth were with people throughout their lives. In our time, when plastic surgery and orthodontics have developed very much, many have the opportunity to bring their appearance to the ideal. When doctors and patients work together, the results are amazing.

It’s no secret that a dazzling smile with straight teeth is not always a gift from nature. Often this is a jeweler’s work of a doctor and the diligence of a patient who regularly follows medical recommendations.

Having decided to install braces after analyzing all the pros and cons, you will not go through the easiest path, but you will receive a reward in the form of a great smile and correct bite.

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