we take style lessons from fashion bloggers in winter 2020-2021


With a skirt, wide jeans or leather trousers: we will tell you what to wear with a down jacket in winter 2020–2021.

A short oversized down jacket has become an indispensable outerwear this season, although a few seasons ago it was associated exclusively with sports fashion. But this year, he managed to win the attention of fashion influencers who easily wear it with casual and business attire. We’ll tell you what to wear with a short down jacket to look stylish this winter.

Down jacket + black pants

A black short down jacket + matching trousers is a universal look for unhurried everyday life: this option is suitable for those who are not used to sitting in one place and who definitely need a magic flywheel of time. Rough lace-up boots have become one of the most popular models this season, so those who are always in a hurry should pay attention to this trendy pair. But contrast and accent in the image will definitely add a yellow, pink or other equally bright sports hat, but for those who are not used to standing out, we advise you to pay attention to more muted nude tones – beige, gray or pastel blue.

Down jacket + wide jeans

Winter is the time of year when you want to wrap yourself up in a duvet, pull on quilted pants and walk like that until spring, but there are also alternatives to look stylish. Fashion influencers suggest wearing a warm short down jacket with wide jeans and chunky winter sneakers – a good replacement for narrow skinny ones. A shoulder bag or a voluminous quilted shopper, as at the Stand Studio show, and a bright hat will add the necessary accents in a winter look.



Down jacket + sweatpants

Initially, short down jackets were worn only with sports things, so we suggest drawing inspiration from sports looks and putting on a short voluminous down jacket along with sneakers, joggers and a sweatshirt. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to rush to workout: in this way, you can drink your morning coffee in your favorite coffee shop or go shopping in order to update your winter wardrobe. Stylists recommend not to dwell on black and choose lighter shades for this winter: a milky short down jacket, gray joggers and snow-white sneakers – everything you need to arrange a fashionable photo shoot on the street or make a snowman with children on a walk.

Down jacket + leather pants

This fall and winter, leather things have a personal finest hour: the designers of almost all fashion brands this season have decided to add leather clothes to their collections. In the winter of 2020-2021, a short beige down jacket will look perfect with straight leather pants and a nude-colored wool turtleneck. Do not forget about accessories and shoes: a small bag with a long chain and black boots on a massive platform will correctly accentuate your look and make it more stylish and memorable. By the way, for those who do not like to merge with the crowd in the cold season, there is a cool option to replace black classic trousers with a model of bright color (we wrote more about colored leather trousers here).




Down jacket + skirt

Rough black boots, an A-line skirt and a nude turtleneck – all of these clothes are ideally combined with a bright short puffer jacket. The main advice when choosing a skirt is to pay attention to more winter options: dense material, midi length (it is better to keep a short skirt until spring) and a fashionable print. If the main colors in the image vary from nude to pastel, we recommend choosing a bright down jacket in a contrasting shade: this way the image will not look boring and monotonous.




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