Wear a yellow dress like Princess Diana this spring

The famous yellow dress of Princess Diana is an important part of the Royal history. It was in it that lady Di went on her first official tour of Australia with Prince Charles in March 1983. Then the dress made of delicate yellow silk with a delicate white print Jan van Velden made an impression on everyone. Today it continues to inspire — similar models can be found in the collections of many brands. And this is the perfect solution for a spring wardrobe. The most beautiful models are in front of you.

I have to confess. Love (stylistically speaking, understood) that I have always felt for Lady Di is only comparable to that of those hordes of fans that have for years copied each one of his looks, imitating even his hair cut or his gestures. And is that the trends that the princess sad invented or recovered are as numerous as attractive. From the maxivestidos to the prints of paintings, the velvet, the shoulder pads XXL or abullonados.

But if there is a garment to which the princess of Wales gave him a second youth, this is the dress shirttail. Long and short, wide and tight, printed or plain, the whole of his biography is peppered with this garment off-road like lucy in a polo match than at an official ceremony. He turned to accompany prince Charles to Australia, a country of the Commonwealth, which was his first official trip abroad in march of 1983, two years after their wedding in 1981, and that took a very young (nine months only) prince William.

The chosen one, to visit the city of Woombye, in the region of Queensland, was a yellow dress and a white, silk, with floral print, and designed by one of the creators favorite of Lady Di, the Dutch designer Jan Van Velden. A belt and white shoes completed a look that went around the world, and that is expected to recur in the fourth season of The Crown. The filtration of the shoot –the replica of this trip was filmed last September in the lands of almería– so certifies.

This season there have been various collections that have opted for this garment timeless, from Balenciaga (with floral print) to Celine (with print of paisley) or Chloé (that he presents it in his version is more faithful). Without being able to buy that dress original yellow and white, these firms offer updated versions of this classic that never goes out of fashion.

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