Wearing a mask outdoors: the list of cities where it is already compulsory in France

Since Monday, July 20, wearing a mask is compulsory in “closed public places”. Libraries, stations, shops and even restaurants are thus affected by this new measure. People who do not respect this rule in all the places listed by the Ministry of Health are thus exposed to a fine of 135 euros.

Wearing a mask outdoors, soon mandatory?

Faced with “weak signals” of epidemic resumption and the fear of a second wave, these rules tend to be tightened. During a trip to Yvelines, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran recommended wearing a mask outdoors: “The WHO has recognized for a few days a serious risk of transmission virus aerosol. Which means that the wearing a mask, when there is a concentration of people, if you are in a street where you are not sure to keep your distance, wearing a mask, I recommend it “, he said.

Will wearing a mask outdoors become compulsory? This decision could be taken in the North of France: “We are having discussions with the prefect and the director of the ARS du Nord as well as with elected officials given the proximity to Belgium and the tremors that we can see there in terms of virus activities”, Olivier Véran clarified.

Some cities did not wait for possible new directives to make the wearing of masks outdoors compulsory in certain streets and certain areas, thanks to municipal decrees. Here is the list of the main places where this rule is already in effect:


  • in Concarneau, in the walled city
  • in Saint-Brieuc, in the streets of the hypercentre
  • in Quiberon, on the Gare SNCF / Gare Maritime axis and Boulevard Chanard / Gare maritime.
  • in Saint-Malo, in the inner city and on the ramparts


  • in Cabourg, in certain streets
  • in Caen, in several markets
  • in Deauville, in several markets
  • in Trouville-sur-Mer, in several markets
  • at Mont-Saint-Michel, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.


  • in Laval, in the streets of downtown
  • in Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne, in the streets of the city center
  • in Mayenne, in the streets of the city center
  • in Evron, in the streets of the city center
  • at Ernée, in the streets of the city center
  • in Craon, in the streets of the city center
  • in Renazé, in the streets of the city center


  • in La Rochelle, in the streets of the city center and on the old port


  • in Annecy, on the markets

The Grand-Est

  • in Troyes, in the parks
  • in Epinal, on the markets and during crowded public gatherings
  • in Gérardmer, on the markets

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

  • in Carpentras, on the markets and second-hand shops
  • in Grau-du-Roi, in the pedestrian streets
  • in Nice, in certain districts and streets of the city


  • in Argelès-sur-Mer, in certain streets and markets

The Hauts-de-France

  • in Abbeville, during large gatherings and in particular at Abbeville beach, at the Madeleine fair and during the fireworks display on July 31.
  • in Lille, in the streets of the city center, the streets of Vieux-Lille (in particular around the cathedral of the Treille), at the level of the banks of the Deûle and in the public gardens, such as the park of the Citadel.

France’s Island

  • in Sceaux, in the streets of the city center

New Aquitaine

  • in Biarritz, in the streets of the city center and in particular in the tourist area of ​​the Hôtel du Palais and the beach of Port-Vieux
  • in Bayonne, in the streets of the city center

Center-Val de Loire

  • in Orléans, on the markets and on the banks of the Loire between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

The Pays de la Loire

  • in La Turballe, in certain streets
  • in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage, in the streets of the city center


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