Wedding dress 2020: the main trends in wedding fashion

It’s hard to argue with the fact that a wedding is perhaps the most important day in a woman’s life. And it is quite understandable that every girl wants to look like a real queen at a wedding. At the same time, the concept of an ideal wedding look is very subjective. But the dress, besides the fact that it should fit in style, must also be fashionable. We offer 5 win-win options for the most relevant looks for a wedding in 2020.

Option 1: short wedding dress

Surprisingly enough, the first short wedding dresses appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Then, at the peak of popularity, it began to open the ankle, and then – and the leg to the middle of the calf. Midi length was in vogue, and wedding dresses were no exception. Today these short dresses look a little unconventional and rather bold. Most brides still prefer to look royal. And regardless of what the dress will be – lush or tight-fitting – its length, as a rule, is to the floor.

Short wedding dress
Short wedding dress

And in the 40-50s, the legendary Coco Chanel presented the first short wedding dress to the general public. Its length at that time was really “extreme” – to the knee! Coco motivated this technique in tailoring and style by the fact that no outfit, even for a solemn wedding day, should hinder a woman’s movements. Let’s remind, just as easily Chanel “dealt” with the corset, creating really comfortable clothes for women at that time.

But back to the present. Short dresses at the shows in 2020 flicker in almost every wedding collection (Hayley Paige, Rime Arodaky, Viktor Rolf, Liancarlo). You can choose the length at your discretion. For the most daring, there are options for a mini above the knee. If you want more restraint, choose a win-win midi – up to the knee or just below it. Such cocktail dresses really do not constrain movement, they feel great lightness and freedom.

Beautiful wedding dresses

Option number 2: sleeves + open shoulders

This option has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row. At the same time, we are talking not so much about evening dresses as about everyday basic clothes. The sleeves seem to be, and at the same time, the shoulders remain open.

This is how we saw sweaters, tunics, blouses and dresses last season. And in 2020, this trend entered the wedding fashion. By the way, he got a very capacious term – off-the-shoulder. We see such dresses in the collections of wedding dresses everywhere: at Zuhair Murad, Ines di Santo, Justin Alexander, Maggie Sottero.

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Open shoulders look very gentle and touching, and perfectly match the image of the bride. An innocent and sexy look is created at the same time, and, in the opinion of the majority, this is what a bride should look like at a wedding. At the same time, the presence of sleeves makes the dress less open and, accordingly, less vulgar. The length of the sleeves can vary – from long to short (three quarters or to the elbow).

Dresses with open shoulders and puffy sleeves look especially good. These sleeves end with cuffs at the wrists and are voluminous and reminiscent of Renaissance silhouettes. Designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Alexandra Grecco and Francesca Miranda chose these options for their 2020 wedding collections. With the help of the “open shoulders + long puffy sleeves” technique, you can create a very beautiful romantic image of the bride and feel like you are in a real fairy tale.

Open shoulders and sleeves
Open shoulders and sleeves

Option number 3: pants, suits and overalls

The list of the hottest trends for 2020 in wedding fashion includes not only dresses, but also pants, as well as various variations on their theme. These are pantsuits reminiscent of men, and bright ultra-fashionable culottes (wide and cropped), and one-piece overalls. In any case, trousers for the bride are no longer a novelty. But we must admit that it looks very fresh and bold.

Trousers instead of skirts and dresses were preferred by the designers Viktor & Rolf, Galia Lahav, Danielle Frankel, Yumi Katsura, Reem Acra and Ines di Santo. They wear not only trousers with blouses or airy capes, but also beautiful one-piece overalls made of satin and satin, dense sparkling suit fabrics, lace and guipure. Combinations of trousers and an elegant top are possible, as well as images with beautiful voluminous capes.

Wedding Fashion 2020
Wedding Fashion 2020

Separately, it should be said about the presence of a jacket or jacket for trousers. If in previous seasons the trousers were more feminine, they were complemented by an elegant corset, a light blouse, a beautiful cape, then in 2020 the suit will be classic and quite traditional. The only and main requirement for a trouser wedding dress: it must be white, here it will not be possible to play with color shades, otherwise the solemnity will be missed.

Wedding dresses 2020, the main trends of the year

Option number 4: cape

A cape is always a good addition to a wedding dress. Those who celebrate a wedding in the cold season will be especially comfortable in a cape. Yes, even in summer evenings can be quite cool, and therefore, if the holiday drags on, it is worth complementing an open dress with warm outerwear. And if a bolero made of swan down or a cape made of white fur is already fed up with everyone, you should choose the most relevant type of outerwear in 2020 – a cape.

The cape is a bit like a poncho, but it has a well-defined shoulder line and slots for the arms. As for the wedding cape, it will be more airy, made of light flowing fabrics, and in harmony with the color of the wedding dress itself. If desired or necessary, the cape can be more insulated. If you only need a decorative effect, and not warming, you can use organza, tulle, lace, satin and silk for sewing.

Cape will be a good addition if you are getting married in a church, and the wedding dress itself is quite open. In this case, you should use a separate removable cape. Although many designers have very successfully incorporated the cape into the dress itself, making it a non-removable element. We noticed such elegant “royal” bridal capes at the shows of Randy Fenoli, Allison Webb, Berta, Marchesa Notte.

Luxury wedding dresses
Luxury wedding dresses

Option number 5: colored wedding dresses

And, of course, the traditional white and cream shades of wedding dresses in 2020 were boldly diluted with brighter tones. The Pantone Color Institute has also recognized the pure white, Brilliant White, as one of the most fashionable colors of 2020 as an authority in the field of color solutions. But for those who are bored with its virgin purity, we advise you to choose any of the other shades that are no less popular according to the version of the same Pantone:

  • Crème de Pêche (“peach cream”): an almost white pastel shade with a subtle pink tint;
  • Coral Pink (“coral pink”): a richer pink with a warm undertone;
  • Sunlight: very pale yellow, warm and pleasant;
  • Faded Denim: light blue, very calm and neutral;
  • Biscay Green: a light aqua shade;
  • Ash: A pure silvery gray to suit any look;
  • Lark (“feathers of a lark”): beige-sandy with a gray tint, looks great on fabrics with a metallic effect.

Wedding dresses of different shades

Cream and oil tones, gold and lavender are also well suited for a wedding dress. We saw bright colors at the shows of Cushnie, Pronovias, Morilee by Madeline Gardner, Leanne Marshall, David’s Bridal, Theia, Amsale, Anne Barge, Hayley Paige, Alyne by Rita Vinieris.

If we talk about the tendencies of the wedding event itself, it should be noted the desire for particularity and individuality. Again this notorious individuality, everyone is talking about it, but in reality, almost all people are deprived of real individuality and almost all repeat after others.

In any case, abandoning expected scenarios and being creative with traditions are the main directions in organizing a wedding in the coming years. It is important to find a balance between the usual wedding rituals and a modern outlook on the holiday, while not going to extremes.

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Wedding Fashion 2020

Wedding Fashion 2020

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