Wedding dress for sexy and fashionable brides

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Australian designer Christopher Esber founded the signature brand in 2010 and has since enlisted the support of a huge number of fashion influencers, from Emily Ratzkowski and Zendia, who choose his dresses for carpet tracks, to the new creative director of TSUM – Maria Mikhailova. We understand that the words “clothes inspired by the 1990s” have already set the teeth on edge: “yes, yes, we realized that minimalism and slip dresses are fashionable”. But Esber manages to preserve the aesthetics of that era in each new collection without hitting clichés. This is sexy minimalism with a twist for girls who are confident in their own irresistibility.

Today we would like to focus on the Christopher Esber dress that has exploded on Instagram this season. Crafted in a lightweight blend of viscose and lycra, this all-white Ruched Disconnect outfit is perfect for bold, sexy brides. How should your core muscles work on the eve of the summer season? Then God himself told you to demonstrate the embossed press in the creation of Christopher Esber, which can already be pre-ordered on the brand’s website – the price for a dream dress will be $ 990 (70,180 rubles). Esber walks on a fine line, mixing, like a fashionable alchemist, masculine and feminine – a cropped shirt with voluminous long sleeves adjoins an ultra-seductive low-rise skirt. Well, the hallmark of the bow is draperies. Another undoubted plus is that you can walk in such a dress after the ceremony. If we were you, we certainly would not have buried him in the bowels of the wardrobe.

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