Wedding dress in a fairytale style and ideas for the celebration

Almost all girls love to look at wedding dresses. The youngest dream of a happy family life and a gorgeous wedding dress, and the wiser know that in the whole family life, it is the wedding that is the brightest and most beautiful moment. Therefore, it is necessary to hold the celebration so that the bride will be remembered forever, since the photos and videos will remain in the cloud, there they will definitely stay with us all our life.

Many young couples want to make their holiday unforgettable and unique. For this, a fairy-tale style wedding is suitable. This scenario is especially interesting if you have a lot of creative ideas and love to decorate everything around. Now making a fairy tale come true is much easier than it seems! Remember the fashion trends of recent years – puffy and unusual sleeves, Victorian dresses, neo-romanticism, luxurious Gothic and much more from the styles of past eras have firmly conquered the catwalks of the main fashion capitals.

Viktor Rolf

In wedding collections, the choice of trends is not so wide, only nobody limits us. Although, if you wish, even one wedding collection is enough to create a fairy tale for yourself. With a creative approach, you can buy a simple wedding dress and complement it with huge fabric flowers or an incredible bow, and you will already get a fabulous look.

A yellow wedding dress with a full skirt and numerous ruffles looks very magical. A rare bride will wear a black dress, but it will also help in creating an incredible image.

Black wedding dress
Vera Wang

Ideas for creating atmosphere and interior decoration

For a wedding to really look fabulous, a dress alone won’t be enough. In some situations, a fabulous bride can even look funny. Just imagine – the most ordinary interior of a cafe, guests dressed in a lot of clothes, a drunken uncle Vanya from the village and a bride in the form of an Aryan priestess of fire!

Even if we do not have guests with a creative attitude to life, you can make the wedding fabulous, you need to design the interior accordingly, give your girlfriends magical artifact accessories and put a couple of porcelain dolls in Victorian dresses at your table. Magic will add dishes to the table. Remember fairy tales, what dishes were served there, based on this, form your menu. And the cake is also important, which can become a rich decoration. Just imagine what cakes can be made by confectioners based on Russian or oriental fairy tales!

Fabulous wedding dress
Viktor Rolf

Ideas for decorating a wedding celebration:

  • Candlesticks with burning candles
  • Historical dishes
  • Fairy Tale Invitations
  • Decorative carriage
  • Figures of gnomes or other fairy-tale characters
  • Crowns for the bride and groom
  • The bride’s bouquet
  • Unusual veil based on headdresses from the Middle Ages
  • Illumination built into the dress
  • Congratulations in the style of the holiday
  • Animation characters

The entertainment program and the image of the groom must also be fabulous, at least a little, otherwise all efforts may be in vain.

The easiest way to focus on common fairy-tale scenarios such as “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, Alice in Wonderland “, Russian folk and others … Ready scripts can be found on wedding sites and salons. But in my opinion, it is better to create your own fairy tale, and not engage in repetition. We all have imaginations, so come up with your own story, create a unique fairy-tale image.

Fabulous wedding dress

In the 21st century, we have no restrictions on wedding dresses. You can wear a snow-white jumpsuit from Elie Saab and complement it with wings, or buy a chic Victorian dress, or you can create the image of the goddess Mara from the Slavic epic by tailoring a dress to order.

When buying and ordering dresses, you need to keep a balance, we are planning a wedding, not a reconstruction or a gathering of cosplay fans. The dress must remain wedding.

The main directions of the tale:

  1. Russian style
  2. East style
  3. Middle Ages
  4. Ancient Egypt
  5. Fantasy

Wedding dress in a fairytale style and ideas for the celebration
Temperley London

Little tricks to save on interior decoration

In big cities, there are always restaurants of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, and of course, luxurious restaurants of Eastern and Caucasian traditions. Choosing such a restaurant for a wedding, you already get an almost finished interior, which you just need to add and decorate a little. Some restaurants look fabulous even on a weekday with ordinary visitors.

It is better to pay more and get a suitable interior right away than to rent a cheap cafe and decorate it with your girlfriends with colored paper decorations.

If you have a popular Instagram, negotiate with the restaurant about discounts, on the condition that you publish a lot of wedding photos on your page and indicate the name of the restaurant. Perhaps the owner of the restaurant will not give a discount in money, but will help you decide on additional decoration and a special menu.

Makeup and hairstyle of a bride from a fairy tale

The fairy-tale world lives by completely different standards of beauty. I don’t know what kind of fairy tale you would like to go to, but you need to work on your hairstyle. In one case, we need braids, if the hair does not allow long braids to be braided, you can buy ready-made ones. For the image of a nymph or a fairy, loose hair is more suitable, only it is important that they are long. In fairy tales it is almost impossible to meet a girl with a short haircut! Do extensions or buy a wig.

Vera Wang wedding dress
Vera Wang

Vera Wang wedding dress

Cosmetics and makeup are the bride’s main friends! Often it is advised for a wedding to do makeup that will look as natural as possible. Makeup should hide all imperfections, if any, and make the face perfect, yet natural and glowing. Be sure to even out the tone of the face and focus on the lips or eyes.

Although in fairy tales everything is possible. Remembering fairy-tale heroines from movies, you can create an image with bright makeup. The main thing is that everything works out harmoniously, therefore, when inviting a makeup artist to a holiday, you must know in advance all her abilities and capabilities.

Makeup, hairstyle and manicure – you don’t need to save on them. Practice long before the wedding in order to embody the conceived lifestyle in life and make a photo session, then you can feel as confident as possible during the holiday.

Author: Ulyana Dashkova

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