Wedding dress with embroidery and embroidered texts

Do you want a traditional floor-length white wedding dress, but don’t want to blend in with other brides? In this case, you need to choose a suitable highlight – an unusual dress decor. Militta suggests paying attention to the embroidery with colored and metallic threads.

Embroidery itself is a very common decor for women’s outfits; it adorns dresses, blouses, trousers, accessories and any wardrobe items. But wedding dresses are rarely decorated with embroidery. White embroidery is found on many dresses along with pearls and lace, but colored embroidery is rare, as are dresses in other shades.

Try to find a dress with embroidery in wedding collections and salons, it’s not so easy. Browsing the last New York Bridal Fashion Weeks, I was able to find only a few white dresses with colored embroidery. It turns out that such a decor is a real rarity! If we want to create an image of a special bride and at the same time not go into dangerous experiments, we choose embroidery.

The most attractive thing about embroidery is that you can order it according to your own sketches. You can buy a suitable white wedding dress and embroider it yourself or order it from skilled craftswomen. Starting with embroidery, you need to carefully approach the choice of dress, it is better to buy a perfectly tailored minimalist outfit without pearls and lace, because it is difficult to imagine how all these decorative elements will be combined together.

Wedding dress with embroidery
Temperley London

Wedding dress embroidery and fashion trends

1. Embroidery will allow you to be creative and add uniqueness to the bride’s image. The last seasons in fashion logomania are the names of brands and different texts on fashionable clothes. We can independently develop this trend on a wedding dress, the main thing is to choose the appropriate text, shade and font so that everything is combined harmoniously, and the information message corresponds to the celebration.

If you think over everything carefully, for little money you get a gorgeous wedding dress, which will be in a single copy. Most importantly, such a dress can fully reflect your inner world and personality.

Wedding dress Temperley London
Temperley London

2. Boho style. In the latest collections, there are many boho dresses, this can be called an important fashion trend. Embroidery can transform a wedding dress from a simple white dress to a boho-style bridal outfit.

The idea of ​​embroidering a dress and applying texts using embroidery is very original and simple, so it is surprising why so few brides bring it to life. Many decide on sewing or serious alteration of the dress, which is more unpredictable and risky, but only a few are taken to take just the perfect dress and decorate. Apparently most of us only talk about our uniqueness and creativity, but in reality …

Beautiful dresses with embroidery

Wedding dress with embroidery and embroidered texts

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