Wedding dresses for fat brides

Choosing a wedding dress is always difficult: after all, every bride on her wedding day strives to look unsurpassed, which means that the outfit is looking for the appropriate one – the most beautiful, the most luxurious. But if your clothing size is not 42-44 and the volumes are far from the notorious 90-60-90, the choice of a wedding dress becomes much more complicated. Not only that, both salons and shops, as a rule, attach models for slender girls. It is also important to choose the right dress – to demonstrate all the advantages of a non-standard figure and at the same time skillfully hide the flaws.

Wedding dresses for fat brides 2020

Wedding dresses for fat bridesthat fashion designers offer are quite capable of disguising full hips or belly, shifting attention to lush breasts and feminine shoulders. The best choice for this would be a trapeze dress with a corset bodice. At the same time, the top can be seductively open – strapless, and asymmetrical – on one shoulder, and classic – with sleeves, V-neck, or on two straps. A-line dresses are suitable for any figure, but they look most advantageous on brides with a pear figure: one-piece cut, a widening skirt and vertical relief seams perfectly emphasize the neckline and accentuate the waist, delicately hiding plump hips. It is not for nothing that these graceful and beautiful dresses are called “princesses”.

Dresses in the Greek style also look great on puffy brides. Especially it is worth paying attention to this model for girls with an “apple” or “rectangle” figure. The high waist perfectly masks the flaws of the figure, and the cascading flowing fabric gives the models elegance and tenderness. Another fashionable nuance is asymmetry. Models in the Empire style “on one shoulder” not only look interesting and original, but also perfectly emphasize the chest line.

The sexiest and most seductive mermaid wedding dresses. It is believed that only brides with an ideal figure can wear them. But, as it turned out, the “mermaid” is also suitable for plump girls with an hourglass figure. The main thing is to know the secret: the flaring of the skirt – the very “tail” – should start from the middle of the thigh or slightly higher, but in no case below the knee! And, of course, you should definitely take care of corrective underwear.

Wedding dresses for fat girls tall can be with a spectacular train. So that it does not “burden” the image of the bride, choose dresses with a small, light train.

But what should be avoided when choosing a plus size wedding dress is all kinds of voluminous details – multi-layered flounces, complex multiple draperies, ruffles, bows and excessive shiny decor.


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