Wedding hairstyle: a glam rock bun

Glam rock bun: the material

Credit: DR

This hairstyle idea is ideal on straight hair with a slight gradient on the front which will be very practical to bring up the front of the hair to give the “rock” side of this hairstyle.

Material: a comb to crimp
Spray brilliantly
Bun pins

Separation of the front of the head

Credit: DR

Start by parting the top of your hair in the shape of a triangle and tie up your front section to separate it from the rest of your hair.

Preparation of the wick

Credit: Dr

Separate your wick from the front into three small wicks that you loop with babyliss or with Velcro. Hold with tongs, lacquer and dry.

The crimping of all your hair

Credit: DR

Backcomb your hair on the underside. If you have thick hair, this gesture is unnecessary.


Credit: DR

Once everything is crimped, straighten the top of your hair to get a pretty material and thus be able to move on to the banana bun step.

Making the banana bun

Credit: DR

Grab your hair then twist it to perform the banana bun movement. Use your thumb to twist and hold your hair securely. Secure with bun clips and lacquer your hair.

Realization of the “crete” rock spirit

Credit: DR

With the back finished, go to the front. Remove your clips and / or Velcro.

Unroll your curls and backcomb.

100 % esprit rock

Credit: DR

Place your wick as you want on the top of your head in a rocky-styled rock spirit. Secure with bun clips. Lacquer.

The glam rock bun finished from behind

Credit: DR

The extra idea: you can accessorize your banana bun with rhinestones or pearls.

Glam rock bun final version

Credit: DR

A pretty makeup, with especially a beautiful lipstick for the rock side and here you are with a glam-rock spirit wedding hairstyle.

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