Wedding hairstyle: a romantic look, 3 hairstyles

Romantic wedding hairstyle: the material

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The ideal is to have long or medium-length hair and a nice material because the hair will be curly. The hairdresser recommends washing your hair the day before for better flexibility and hold.

Material: a comb
A curling iron
Bun clips
Small rubber bands
Decorative pliers

For who ? For a bride or a guest, the 3 hairstyles that follow are easy to wear. It’s up to you to accessorize them according to the occasion.

Romantic wedding hairstyle, curls

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Start by making the curls all over the hair except the front. The front hair (generally the lock) will be used to make the shell. Once all the curls are done, lacquer.

Wedding hairstyle: backcombing

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For the front hair, backcomb on the underside to get volume and texture.

Wedding hairstyle: making the shell

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After backcombing, comb the front hair and start working it so that it fits like a shell.

Wedding hairstyle: hull tie

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To hold the shell, secure it with two bun clips that you will place on the top of your head.

The pro’s tip: we take advantage of a loop to hide the bun clips.

Romantic wedding hairstyle, long hair version

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For this first version of a romantic wedding hairstyle, the final touch is the rhinestone clips that are added on each side by pulling a few strands.

Most : it still clears the face the chic side is assured.

Pliers: Elite Models’fashion, black strass guiche pliers, 4.46 euros per pair

Romantic wedding hairstyle, the point of attachment

Credit: DR

We start here the second version. We keep the same hull movement on the front. For the back, we are going to make a romantic bun.

To start, make your point of attachment (the place where you will bring your locks for the bun). Backcomb and tie a few strands at the back of your head with bun clips or a small elastic. The attachment point is made.

Romantic wedding hairstyle: bun version

Credit: DR

To form the bun, bring your curls around the point of attachment and secure them with bun clips. Lacquer and here is a second idea of ​​hairstyle romantic spirit.

The pro’s tip: you can accessorize this hairstyle with pearls, small flowers …. You can find these small accessories at Elite Models’ Fashion

Romantic wedding hairstyle: the braid on the side

Credit: DR

We move on to the third version: the mat on the side.

For the front, keep the same base with the shell. Then from the top of your head, make a mat that will go around your head. Stop it 4-5 cm before the end of your hair.
Secure with a rubber band.

Romantic Wedding Hairstyle: Final

Credit: DR

To finish this pretty braid, let your hair ends free. You can also accessorize this mat with a ribbon for example.



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