Wedding hairstyle, modernity and madness at the rendezvous

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Modern wedding hairstyle: a smooth base

Credit: DR

For easy work, it is advisable to have straight hair for this hairstyle. If they wavy a bit, use a straightener.

Material: one or more nets
Hook elastic
Silicone elastics

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Wedding hairstyle: partings

Credit: DR

For this first version “Manga spirit”, make two ponytails as in the photo. If you have very long hair, you can make several ponytails and you will have to do the same things for each. For perfect ponytails, use crochet elastics. They prevent creases when turning the elastic.

Wedding hairstyle: the installation of elastics

Credit: DR

Position silicone rubber bands as in the photo. No need to turn them too much.

Do the same for the other ponytails.

Wedding hairstyle: combed-disheveled effect

Credit: DR

We move on to achieving the combed-disheveled effect. Take the central section at the bottom of your ponytail, pull it gently, then pull up your elastics to create the tousled effect.

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Wedding hairstyle: making messy updos

Credit: DR

Once the tousled hair is obtained, take your hair and form a ball that you will work as you want to form at the end, a shape of bun that you will attach with bun clips.

Wedding hairstyle: the final manga spirit

Credit: DR

Final version of this first hairstyle idea. Side by side, completely messy ponytails, in the end form a big artistic bun. Lacquer to hold everything together.

Wedding hairstyle: laying the net

Credit: DR

We move on to the second hairstyle idea. Make a ponytail or several. Secure the ponytail with a hook elastic. Pass your net that you will choose the same color as your hair or according to your wedding colors for example.

Wedding hairstyle: the couture bun

Credit: DR

Pull up your hair which is held in the net and place it however you want. You can easily work your hair because it is held in place by the net. Once the bun shape is obtained, secure with bun clips.

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Wedding hairstyle: the final bun

Credit: DR

Lacquer it up and there you are with a perfect couture bun.

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