The main rule of classic wedding makeup of the bride is to avoid “flashy” provocative shades. Give preference to natural colors: for example, cream, pink, peach or pale brown. A good reference point is the rules that are relevant for Nude makeup. But this is just a General tip, and the full list of recommendations is worth studying more closely.

The most important thing is perfect skin

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A few months before the wedding, it is worth starting to take care of your skin with special zeal. Do not forget about daily care, as well as other important regular procedures (scrubbing, masks). Traumatic procedures like chemical peels, of course, need to be postponed. But make several visits to a cosmetologist for other more pleasant procedures (facial massage, moisturizing masks) a month before the wedding is mandatory.

If possible, entrust your makeup to a makeup artist

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Of course, if you are sure that no one will do makeup better than you, then you should do so: on the wedding day, you should feel confident. We will tell you in detail about the tools and beauty techniques that will be useful to you in this case, and in the meantime we will give some advice to those who still decided to contact a makeup artist:

  • Start looking for a good and experienced makeup artist in advance – and make an appointment with several people at once: this way you can choose a master who will understand your style and with whom you will definitely be able to find a common language.
  • Be sure to do a trial makeup session with the chosen makeup artist, or preferably two: one month and one week before the wedding. If, for example, you become very sunburned, you will need to change your makeup image a little.
Use resistant products

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To make up last until the last selfie and dance with the groom at dawn the next day, you need to use persistent means. First of all, the base for makeup. After cleansing and moisturizing, apply the primer and only then proceed to the tone. Distribute cosmetics in semi-transparent layers (several thin layers are better than one thick one) – this applies to blush, highlighter, transparent powder and lipstick. Read more about this topic in our articleon persistent makeup.

L'oreal Paris Permanent mattifying Foundation cream "Infaillible 24 hours matte finish", tone 10 Porcelain, 35 ml
Choose neutral shades

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We have already mentioned this rule – and it is better to stick to it if you are planning an image with a classic dress and a traditional ceremony. Do not experiment on the eve of the wedding, but if you want something unusual-study the list of main make – up trends: for sure you will find “your own”. A classic that will never go out of fashion – radiant skin, light blush, pink lips and a slight accent on the eyes.

Maybelline New York eyeshadow Palette "Nudes", natural shades, 9, 6 g

Do not forget about matting the skin!

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And do not overdo it with a highlighter: otherwise, instead of a light effect of healthy and radiant skin, you will get a greasy Shine. Well, if you already have oily skin, keep in your purse matting wipes or transparent powder (pay special attention to the center of the forehead, the wings of the nose and chin), which makeup artists advise to apply with a powder puff. And only then use a highlighter – apply it on the temples, the upper part of the cheekbones and, if you want to emphasize the eyes, on the inner corners and under the brow.



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