Wedding manicure: ideas and trends-2020

The image of the bride is traditionally associated by everyone with purity, purity, light shades, tenderness and airiness. Well, white is really a win-win and very canonical option both for the color of the dress and for … manicure! But not white as a single color … we offer nail design options for a wedding, as well as the most current trends and ideas for wedding manicure for 2020.

French wedding manicure

Perhaps it’s worth starting with the classics. How else? After all, a jacket is the most popular wedding manicure among brides all over the planet. According to statistics, French manicure is chosen by about 70% of all brides. Yes, it can be really traditional: a transparent or nude base for the nail plate and a white “smile” at the tip of the nail. But we are offering something really trendy and stylish in 2020.

White French manicure has become one of the most memorable trends. And here we are not talking about a white “smile”, but also about a white base. Not quite white, of course, otherwise the “smile” will not be visible. But here you need to use milky or creamy shades as a base, choosing translucent textures. Such “whitened” nails look very gentle and neat and are perfect for a white wedding dress.

Ombre for wedding manicure

An alternative to the traditional service jacket is a nude ombre with a transition from a darker color to a lighter one. At the same time, it is recommended to use natural shades for the base color or a completely transparent base. Beige, cream, pink, lavender shades are well suited. But for the tip of the nail, of course, we choose a bright snow-white color. The result is a variation of the French manicure, but without a clearly defined “smile”, but with a smooth, gentle transition.

It is best to do the ombre in the salon from a qualified master. Firstly, it requires jewelry work with the nail plate itself: it needs to be given an ideal shape and carefully polished. Secondly, for the ombre, manicure masters use a special spray-airbrush, which makes the transition completely invisible. For the white tip, acrylic paint is usually taken, not gel polish, and on top for durability they cover it with two layers of top.

Pure White Wedding Manicure

White is a classic for a wedding, as we said above. And it is chosen not only for a wedding dress or a bridal bouquet, but also for a manicure. Pure white nails – what could be more concise and neat? The nail plate, completely covered with a white base, creates a kind of canvas on which you can draw anything or add interesting details to the design.

To keep pure white nails from looking too simple, they can be covered with a matte top, velvet powder, or a sugar coating. But even better, in our opinion, pearlescent rubbing will look on white. Choose powder-rubbing with a light translucent texture and a delicate pearlescent shine. Mirror rubs for a white base will not work; they look good on dark saturated shades.

Nude wedding manicure

One of the main trends of 2020 in wedding manicure has become a nude manicure. Yes, it has been popular for several years in a row, but brides were still afraid to do it for a wedding, preferring classic white or French manicure. However, natural shades of beige, cream, pink and even the color of coffee with milk look very natural and delicate. They will complement absolutely any look, and they will suit the bride best.

It is especially good if the color of the gel nail polish matches the shade of the wedding dress. That is, if the dress is not snow-white, but cream with a golden tint, choose beige and caramel tones for manicure. If the dress is pinkish – pink, if silvery – lavender, etc. Coated with enamel light gel polish nails need to be created in the perfect shape, no matter how long they are.

Wedding manicure with rhinestones and sparkles

Rhinestones, stones and sparkles are a traditional element of a manicure for a festive occasion. And they can be very relevant just at the wedding. For bold and flamboyant brides, you can choose a sparkling and iridescent manicure with a design of rhinestones and glitter on each finger. If you want more tenderness and restraint, decorate with stones only one fingernail. The wedding ring is put on the ring finger, and it is in this case that it is recommended to decorate it with glitter.

Be careful with the shade of glitter and rhinestones. If you have rings with stones on your hand, the color of the rhinestones on the nails should repeat them, and not contrast. The same is with the color of the metal. If your engagement ring is yellow gold, decorate your nails with designs, foil or glitter in gold. For white gold jewelry, choose a uniform silvery sheen without iridescent iridescence.

Pearl wedding manicure

Pearls look very gentle in the wedding nail design. Especially if the bride has decided to choose pearl jewelry, or if the wedding dress is embroidered with pearls and pearl beads. As a basis for the nail plate, you should choose the same pure white color or delicate light shades of cream or pinkish. Mother-of-pearl rubbing looks very beautiful on a light background in combination with pearl decor.

For pearl manicure, half pearls with a flat base are used to fix them carefully on the nail plate. The more curved your nail plate, the smaller the pearl should be, since the wide base will not be firmly fixed. Decorate each nail with one pearl – it looks very gentle and concise. Or create a complex design on just one or two fingers on your hand.

Volumetric drawings and modeling for wedding manicure

When acrylic and gel nail extensions were in vogue, many made volumetric textured designs and sculpting on nails. Some masters have created real masterpieces. And in 2020, this trend is back again, especially for wedding manicure. Today there is no need to carry out nail extensions, gel polish is quite acceptable. And on one or several nails, you can make a beautiful volumetric drawing using the 3D technique.

For sculpting, acrylic powder is usually used, which is mixed with liquid (liquid) to form a paste. With a thin brush, you can create incredible 3D effects and even entire sculptures. Some people use special powders and powders with voluminous textures for volumetric patterns and ornaments. The most popular drawing for brides is a flower, but you can draw anything you want if you want.

With colored splashes

Finally, we want to say that a wedding manicure does not have to be white, nude or light. Today, on the catwalks at the shows of wedding collections of famous designers, there were models with bright makeup and the same bright manicure. Why not? It is believed that the bride should be wearing something blue. In our case, it can safely be marigolds of a light blue color or with a blue design.

If the wedding dress has some bright details (belt, trim, frills, etc.), you can do a manicure with the same colored splashes. If the dress is traditionally white, but the bride has a bright bouquet in her hands, feel free to use shades of flowers in the bouquet for repetition in the nail design. Even the classic red color that covers all nails is quite acceptable at a wedding, because it has become a real classic!

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