Wedding: new inspirations for a successful table decoration

Refined, bohemian, rustic, poetic or offbeat, from the tableware to the centerpiece, including floral decoration, a selection of new trends spotted in the most prominent weddings. To help you get inspired and say “yes” to daring on the decorative side.

Immaculate white

If white is the classic wedding color, we can play the total virginal look by giving it a less expected touch. Use old linen sheets for the tablecloth. In addition to making a nice fall on the table, washed linen is very pleasant to the touch. To drink, choose vintage glasses and flutes in cut crystal, or more simply in diamond point glass. Also bet on the accumulation of candles. Regardless of their shape, the important thing is that they are white. Obviously, prefer plain white tableware, but you can have mismatched services, all white but from different eras. For the cutlery, the most chic will be to take out the silverware. And for the finishing touch, only use white chairs. If necessary, paint them with spray paint.

Kitsch chic

Marriage is serious, but the decoration of the table does not need to be! Surf on the neo-religious trend, take out cherubs, rosaries or other domestic objects of family piety, to use them as table decorations. To keep it chic, choose a single tone to mix with unbleached crockery or, why not, with a gold thread, and a white tablecloth. Avoid mixing colors, with kitsch you are always at the limit. Tie the cutlery with ribbon and slip in a sprig of boxwood or olive tree. Finally, sprinkle the table with sugared almonds.

Neo guinguette

The trend is for simple and joyful weddings inspired by nature: we adopt it! Take advantage of sunny days to set up tables at the edge of the water, using the trees on the banks to hang the fairy lights in a guinguette style. Opt for a bohemian table made with wooden panels on trestles, but with identical chairs to give a beautiful harmony to the whole. Make an XXL table runner, made of intertwined plants, which falls at each end to the ground. It’s very easy to make yourself: don’t hesitate to mix ivy, moss, vines and, why not, wisteria or honeysuckle, which you coarsely braid together. Punctuate the path with candles planted in transparent glass bottles. To complete this table, in a “traditional” but fresh spirit, set it up with vintage tableware and linen napkins, found in a flea market.

Modern clean

Are you looking for a bluffing effect to create a decor inexpensively? Turn to the ceiling! Make large clumps with grasses found in gardens, but which are also bought dry. Ideally, the Pampas Grass (or Cortaderia selloana) is recognizable by its long feathery and silvery inflorescences, up to 60 cm long. Bring the plumes together by varying the lengths and thicknesses, then hang them from the ceiling to form like a cloud of plants above the table. For the rest, bet on sobriety: table with metal trestles and white laminate board, benches or stools as seats, seasonal fruits and dried flowers as table decoration.

100% nature

We switch to “sylvan” mode with a large table installed in a clearing or undergrowth. We use nature as a backdrop and the table winds between the trees. You can take any tables, mix tables with legs and trestle tables, since the idea is to cover them with raw fabric footage. Also use this fabric to make napkins with frayed edges, which you simply cut without hemming. Above the wooden logs as a placemat, and a handwritten menu decorated with a small bunch of lucky wheat. Choose two or three large candelabras and dress them in ivy. To decorate the rest of the table, make country bouquets, two-tone green and white, in orange glasses.


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