Wedding: procession outfits for the perfect children of honor

It’s decided, you will enter the church preceded by a procession of children of honor. But first of all, you have to choose the outfit that these lucky little ones will wear. Discover our selection of formal wear for the 2018 wedding season.

Girls, bouquet of flowers in hand; little boys sowing rose petals in your path; a child holding your train … Here is a dream start to a wedding ceremony. If we already know who our children of honor will be, we still don’t know what outfit they will wear on D-Day. Dress or skirt for girls, shorts or pants for boys? To compose the most adorable and chic procession of all the weddings of the season, here is our selection of children’s formal wear.

Children on their 31

For little girls, plain or floral dresses are in the spotlight this season. Even if the classics can be thwarted and exchanged for a top and shorts set seen at Verbaudet or a skirt and a pretty satin top signed Alexis Mabille for Monoprix. As with wedding dresses, the trend is for lace, like Bleu Comme Gris and Lorafolk outfits, and ruffles at Zara and Chloé. The alliance of the two spotted at Bonpoint is a guarantee of elegance. Finally, the knot oversize brings the fantasy they love so much on the dresses Cyrillus, La Redoute and Les petits choux de Bruxelles.

On the boys’ side, jackets and vests will fall to let the shirts show off after the ceremony. Establishing itself as an essential piece for weddings, the shirt is unanimously approved with a tie or bow tie to be like the grown-ups. Kids can also wear it as is for a more casual style. This year, shorts and pants are adorned with suspenders at Les petits unclassables or DPAM for a mini dandy chic look.

What about the colors? If the simplicity of the white and creamy tones is synonymous with elegance, we can imagine our procession in more colorful outfits. Pastels are always in the spotlight, like the blue dress signed Acanthe or the pink dress from H & M. Brighter, yellow remains a trendy color and can be found in the wardrobe of girls at Mango and little boys at Dior. Finally, we opt for noble but comfortable materials because once the ceremony is over, there is no doubt that the little angels of honor will turn into imps running around having fun.

Our selection of procession outfits for children of honor


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