Wedding suit: which brand to choose?

Is your wedding fast approaching? If you’ve already spotted several styles of wedding dresses, it’s time for your future groom to take a look at men’s suits. Advice and selection of costumes to dress men on D-Day.

If your darling is not used to wearing a costume, this great moment will be an opportunity to dress in his best outfit. It is therefore best to do it early enough so that he has time to choose the model that suits him best and in which he feels good, especially if he has chosen a tailor-made suit. Cuts, materials, colors … The slender future bride and groom can opt for a slim fit suit (like the tuxedo), highlighting their slender appearance. The sturdiest can opt for a straight cut. Moreover, if some are looking at models of luxury brands as Hugo Boss or Giorgio Armani, others prefer to bet on cheap costumes. You can find ultra-trendy models at low prices in ready-to-wear, especially at Roshmode Paris, Zara or in Jules boutiques.

Extra Slim Navy Blue Suit, 450 euros © Roshmode Paris
Jacket (139.99 euros), waistcoat (54.99 euros) and checked pants (54.99 euros) © Devred
Extra slim fit suit in virgin wool with micro pattern, 449 euros © Hugo Boss
Slim jacket and pants, 129.99 and 69.99 euros © Jules

Regarding the costume color, it all depends on what the groom is used to wearing. Blue and black are safe values. These two colors are perfect for a chic ceremony. Gray and beige or the ivory color adapt perfectly to summer weddings, especially if you have opted for the country theme. Whatever the color of the costume, know that it is better to choose to wear it with a light or white shirt. You will be sure to avoid a lack of taste. Depending on the theme of your wedding or the attire of the bridesmaids, you can also choose a groom suit which remains in the same tones. As far as shoes are concerned, there too the choice is vast. Generally, the bride and groom opt for costume shoes black or brown in smooth, grained or patent leather.

Jacques Gris groom suit, 650 euros © Mr. Pronuptia
Slim 2-piece suit in plain azure blue wool, 199 euros © Father & sons

Often, as is the case with the bouquet of flowers, couples grant the groom outfit to the color chosen for the decoration. So, if you have planned a decoration in pink tones, you can choose a tie or bow tie of the same color. Are you hesitating between a tie and a bow tie? Know that if you opt for a smocking, the bow tie is de rigueur. If your choice was a suit, you can choose a tie or bow tie! Then, it’s all about the style: if you are more traditional and reserved, the tie might suit you better. But if you want to be trendy and original, or if your wedding is vintage, then go for a bow tie that is a bit offbeat! Just keep in mind that the width of your bow tie must not exceed the width of your shirt collar and the tie should stop just above the waistband.

Sorrento jacket (550 euros), waistcoat (165 euros), shirt (155 euros), pants (230 euros), tie (58 euros) © Samson
Madrid Beige Brown suit, 299 euros © The Groom’s Empire

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