Wedding: the five planning mistakes that could ruin the guests’ day

Too busy planning the day of their dreams, the bride and groom end up forgetting the comfort of their guests. But if you want the atmosphere to be there, it is better to spare them. Here are the five missteps that could definitely put them in a bad mood.

Between the announcements, the centerpieces, the menu and their outfits, the bride and groom are constantly making choices. But some are not always done in favor of the guests. Of course, this is the couple’s day and the important thing is that they organize a wedding in their image, but it would be a shame to end the evening with a crowd of discontented people who desert the dancefloor. Here are five things to keep in mind if you want everyone to have a good day.

Skip the babysitter

No question of squeezing the baby-sitter budget to inflate that of the photographer. For the bride and groom this expense may seem trivial, but not for the parents attending the wedding. Without a babysitter, the cocktail will be summed up for them in an endless race after their children depriving them of petits fours and champagne (or just a sip). During the meal, they will struggle to align more than two sentences with their neighbor at the table and barely wedding cake swallowed up, they will have to pack up. Not yet convinced? The absence of a babysitter could also turn the ceremony into a playground and make the noise level at dinner unbearable. To avoid this, there is a minimum of one babysitter for eight children over three years old.

Not having a plan B

All wedding-planners confirm it, neither the incantations nor the Coué method are sufficient to guarantee a great sun. In inclement weather, nothing beats an emergency barnum or a fallback room. Whether for the peace of mind of the couple. But also for the guests who will not appreciate the exchange of the vows at their fair value if a downpour falls on their hats. They will not appreciate them much more in full sun, warns Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard, event-designer for Majenia, “if it’s really too hot, we don’t hesitate to move the ceremony to a more shaded place.”

Bad timing

A late bride who lets her guests sweat below 35 ° because she did not anticipate the time needed to finalize her banana bun. Guests who take an hour and a half to go from the town hall to the reception venue because the couple had not expected that traffic jams block the road at that time. Or, a cocktail that goes on forever forcing hungry guests in front of robbed stands to stomp too long. Timing is essential. We do not hesitate to do a reverse planning and to calculate the time necessary for each step upstream. For the hairstyle, makeup and dressing of the bride, we allow three hours. We avoid choosing a reception location that is too far from that of the ceremony. It’s always unpleasant for guests who risk getting lost. We limit the cocktail to 1:30, possibly two hours if there are a lot of people and the petits fours replace the entrance. Finally, concerning the animations, we limit them to 4 or 5 interventions of ten minutes, if not confirms Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard, “the party is more difficult to take then.”

Save on the caterer

Tackled, the bride and groom rarely take advantage of their menu. The guests have plenty of time to enjoy and analyze it. They are sure to remember it. If you have a small budget, it is better to keep it simple and tasty, rather than wanting to impress, but the result is disappointing. For example, you can reserve champagne for the cocktail and be satisfied with a good crémant for dessert. Eglantine Merse, wedding-planner for Les Cocottes, also warns: “it is better to be generous in terms of quantities. Guests don’t always remember what’s on their plate, but if they haven’t eaten enough, they do. “

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Free placement

The organization of the seating plan gives all the bride and groom a cold sweat. But just as alluring as it sounds, getting rid of the problem, letting guests sit where they want, is not the right solution. Not only does this risk creating a real crush when it comes to dining, but some guests – a single person at the table with new parents – might have a really unpleasant time. This is what confirms Eglantine Merse, wedding planner for Les Cocottes, “if we leave too much freedom to the guests, some couples or friends could find themselves separated for lack of space at the same table”. The ideal is to place them by table, but not necessarily place by place. On the other hand, warns Eglantine Merse, “we forget the special single table!”.


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