What a female silhouette can tell others

Do you know that you can easily find out the characteristics of a person’s character without conducting various psychological tests? Especially if this person is a woman. Often, a woman’s silhouette can tell much more about her owner than the most experienced psychoanalyst. And not only about character, but also about habits and physiological characteristics.

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Maybe you want to learn to understand others better? Or are you an ardent fan of Arthur Conan Doyle, and accordingly you have long wanted to try yourself in the role of Sherlock Holmes and be able to read people like an open book?

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Well, today the editorial office “So easy!” will give you such an opportunity!

We suggest remembering 4 types of female silhouette and their main distinguishing features. We assure you, having these data, you will be able to build relationships with the female half of humanity much easier and faster.

Female silhouette

  1. Lean type

    The main external signs of a lean type are elastic skin and the predominance of muscle mass over fat mass. Such people are more suitable than others for the role of a leader. They are extremely responsible and self-sufficient.

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    With regard to nutrition, a vegetarian diet will be the most optimal for them. If we talk about sports, then there is simply no better activity than swimming for a lean type! And in order to maintain mental health, such ladies are recommended to try out various meditation techniques on themselves in order to learn how to relax and rest from everyday worries.

  2. Graceful type

    The graceful type is characterized by a slender physique with narrow hips and no pronounced waist. Most often, such people are very withdrawn and sensitive.

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    In order to keep their bodies in great shape for many years, nutritionists recommend that such women try to eat foods with less carbohydrates and high protein content, as well as lean on vegetables. And doing strength training will help graceful beauties not only to give a figure a charming relief, but also to become psychologically bolder.

  3. Creative type

    The creative type is considered ideal in the modern world. In short and to the point, their figure resembles an hourglass. Such women are extremely active and positive.

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    The best diet for the creative type is one that successfully combines lean meat and green vegetables, as well as low-fat dairy products. And the best workout will be active group activities (for example, dancing).

  4. Appetizing type

    As for the appetizing type, their figure is characterized by a certain resemblance to such a fruit as a pear. They have a pronounced waist, narrow shoulders and rounded hips. Such women find it difficult to endure contact with aggressive people, since they themselves are very calm and impressionable.

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    The recommended diet includes plenty of fruits and fresh vegetables. And as for training, yoga would be the best option for them.

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