What accessories will make even a gorgeous woman a simpleton

Accessories are an integral complement to the image, a kind of highlight. Often times, the same outfit with different accessories looks different. However, some jewelry can turn a girl into a simpleton. Therefore, you should not wear them.

Cheap plastic jewelry

Better not to wear jewelry at all than to wear cheap plastic jewelry. Not only will they make any image cheaper, but they will also create the feeling that the woman in this way decided to just appear younger.

Hairpins with pearls

This hair accessory was ranked number one last year. Therefore, almost all owners of long hair tried to buy such hairpins. True, many have purchased pearl hairpins on cheap Chinese sites. Now there are so many of them that they are rather anti-trend. In addition, inexpensive hairpins will immediately give out a simpleton.What accessories will make even a gorgeous woman a simpleton

Buckle belt

Some girls still wear belts that were in vogue in the 90s of the last century. The prominent buckle on the belt is no longer relevant, as it betrays the girl’s lack of good taste and shows that she has lagged behind fashion.What accessories will make even a gorgeous woman a simpleton

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses

We are talking about glasses made of low-quality materials. Correctly, they shine with cheap sheen, which immediately simplifies any look. Today there are more expensive alternatives to such glasses.

Keychain-tassel or pom-pom for a bag

Teenage girls love to decorate their backpacks and bags with fun pom poms or tassel key chains. It looks pretty cute and funny. When such accessories are used by an adult woman, it looks immediately ridiculous and ridiculous.What accessories will make even a gorgeous woman a simpleton

Big bag

A large shopping bag will simplify any look and create a sense of total tastelessness. Therefore, the shopping bag should be used exclusively for its intended purpose.

Velor hair ties

In this case, the point is that velor is out of fashion. Therefore, the image with such a hairpin will definitely turn out simple. You can replace the velor hairpin with a satin, viscose or silk hairpin.What accessories will make even a gorgeous woman a simpleton

A large number of decorations

Even the most expensive jewelry will simplify the look if there are too many of them. Several rings on the fingers, bracelets and a couple of chains – everything will create the image of a simpleton, despite the fact that jewelry is expensive. You should not wear all the jewelry at once – every girl who wants to look stylish and expensive should know this rule.

It is worth remembering that women must observe in every measure so as not to be branded as a simpleton.

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