What an abomination! Ugh

The other day my husband and I watched a film “for adults”, one that is in the category of frank.

So, I am always the initiator of such views, because to my husband: “whatever the child is happy about, if only … she is morally relaxed.” Well, I love people in all their forms, and even more so in natural ones. My taste for this “beauty is selective, so I carefully select.

There are two girls in the picture, besides men. After a while I ask the question (talking in the process is a productive pleasure): “Do you like this one?” To which he replies with bliss: “Yeah.” But the trick here is the following: the girl he liked at that moment was inferior in appearance to the objective data of the second girl, and the second was more suited to his taste.

But! There was an obvious fact that all other men would confirm that the first woman was attracted. Damn, what she was not feigned EMOTIONALLY LIVE active and joyful, what I call, “in life.”

If only we – women were like that as often as possible: we loved and rejoiced at everything who and what surrounds us, regardless of the conditions and numerous situations.

Smiled sincerely / did not strain with or without; talked about their feelings, desires (and not only were always unhappy with everything), then our men could afford to be BOLDER. The hormone of fear and stress would not go off scale in their blood, leading to a daze mode that she would yell again or make a sour face.

Our men could be freer in their actions in relation to us, if there is a woman nearby who can be a woman: affectionate, flexible and in need (and not demanding) in union interaction.

Eh! Men don’t react to looks. More precisely, they react … but not for a long time. Packing them can not be delayed for many years: normal passionate relationships.

A woman must worry, because she is the giving side in the energy plan. Men love to absorb emotions!

If women in reality recognized the truth of the “strength of the inner world”:

– they would soar not over the size of the lips and the scale of the wrinkles, but over their behavior and reaction: turning the negative to their man – we get what they expected in response. It’s simple: our world is as we see it;

– they would be carried away by the interests that ignite them and involve them in the processes of the present moment. Then there was no need for the conditions: “now if he earned more”, “now if I was as slender as she”, “now if only …” – for each end of these endless “if only”.

To open your feminine Essence, the “basic external configuration” is not important, because only the inner well-being forms a personal shell.

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