What and what shoes should you wear this fall to look tasteful

With the fall season approaching, it’s time to take care of getting yourself a new pair of shoes. It is worth knowing what kind of shoes will be in fashion, as well as with what to wear them. Then you can create a modern and stylish look. The following shoes are worth checking out for this fall season.

  1. Ankle boots

One of the most popular types of footwear. It’s all about the practicality of ankle boots. If they are in a classic style, then they are ideal both in combination with a skirt and in combination with trousers. As for the heel, then every woman has the right to choose.

Sock ankle boots are considered trendy. They gently accentuate the thin ankle.

  1. Brutal boots

Girls who want to look fashionable and stylish need to purchase brutal boots. They are fashionable at all times and are considered indicators of style. Today boots can be combined not only with jeans. There are models that fit perfectly even into a business wardrobe.

  1. Knee high boots

Boots to the knee always look feminine. They can be matte or glossy, in plain leather or printed leather. Suede can be used instead of leather. The toe of the boots may be pointed, but a rounded toe is allowed this season. It is best to choose a heel that is stable to feel confident on the autumn road. It is best to combine high boots with a skirt or dress, over which a coat or trench coat is worn.

  1. Platform shoes

The platform has not only returned to fashion, but is also strengthening its position. Platform shoes always make a girl taller, and therefore slimmer. In addition, the girl will feel comfortable in such shoes. The platform can be both boots and ankle boots. Many girls don’t know if platform shoes can be worn in combination with skirts. The answer is unequivocal – yes.

  1. Sneakers

It’s hard to imagine autumn time without sneakers. They are comfortable to move around in, especially when combined with jeans. True, today women of fashion have learned to combine sneakers with coats and cardigans. The main thing in this case is that the sneakers are neutral in color, for example, white or milky.

  1. Cowboy boots

Cowboy boots are also called Cossacks. They are best combined with suede clothing. They can be worn under straight trousers, as well as under a flying dress.

By choosing the proposed shoes, you can create a completely harmonious look for the fall season.


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