What annoys men in women (men say)

It is no secret that men in general find it difficult with women: we are more emotional, sensitive, we demand attention, we want understanding, although sometimes we ourselves do not understand ourselves. But what annoys them most about us is …

Here hthat annoys men in women

Comparison with another. Whether it’s an ex, a dad, a friend’s husband, or a mental ideal, comparison is one of the worst offenses for a man. And don’t think that by setting someone as an example, you motivate your man to grow.

When you flare up with jealousy at the first glance at another girl, or when he answers your messages for a long time. You put on a drama from scratch.

When you think too much of your past. You often mention your exes in conversation and it makes him uncomfortable.

When you gossip, even about those you love the most. Then the man begins to think that you are discussing him in this way.

When your maternal nature takes over and you start treating him like a child, thereby depriving him of his masculinity.

When you think that you are always right, that only you can do everything right, then you refuse his help and he feels unnecessary.

When you do not know which institution to go to and what to order there. And it always turns into a fight.

When you are impatient and often bored. Then he thinks that he is not interesting to you and can do nothing to interest you.

When you’re a pessimist. You always assume the worst. It’s depressing.

When you are stubborn, refuse to compromise, keep arguing until it backs down.

When you’re too sensitive. You take innocent comments as insults and don’t know how to accept compliments.

When you are jealous, if he looked at another, especially if he has girlfriends with whom he corresponds.

When you make decisions without consulting him. When you make your plans without asking his opinion.

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