What are the advantages of transparent umbrellas?

After all, it is unlikely that the same umbrella will fit an evening dress, a sports and business suit. Do not buy an umbrella for every item in your wardrobe? But there is a solution! Simple and elegant – a transparent umbrella.

It is a transparent umbrella (mostly cane umbrellas with a transparent dome) that can become a universal solution and ideally complement any image, style and outfit. By the way, due to its “invisibility”, it can still be classified as unisex – such an umbrella is suitable for both women and men. But his merits do not end there.

Form and content

Firstly, it should be noted that transparent umbrellas compare favorably with the others not only in appearance, but also in functionality. Most of the transparent umbrellas are dome-shaped with the romantic name “birdcage”. Not only is the name good in it, this shape is also very practical: such an umbrella not only protects the head and shoulders from rain as much as possible, it still does not allow the wind to spoil the hairstyle and mood.

True, the dome-shaped umbrella cannot be made foldable several times, so in terms of compactness and convenience, transparent cane umbrellas are slightly inferior to other forms. It cannot be folded into a purse like a folding umbrella and worn just in case, but this is perhaps its only drawback, which is more than offset by its advantages. However, even when folded, the transparent cane umbrella looks pretty nice and can be a stylish accessory.

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In plain sight

The main quality for which transparent umbrellas are loved by all the world’s beauties, up to Hollywood stars, is that they do not hide all the beauty of their owner from others. This means that you can show off your new hairstyle and perfect makeup even in bad weather.

By the way, in one London beauty salon there was such an original marketing ploy: women who did their haircut or styling were presented with a transparent umbrella with the inscription “Hair that I want to show”.

The transparency of the umbrella, by the way, works great both ways. It not only demonstrates its owner in all its glory, but also enables the person himself to admire the surrounding world, washed by rain. After all, through a good, high-quality transparent umbrella, everything is perfectly visible, without distortion. So, walking under such an umbrella, it is not necessary to look exclusively at the puddles under your feet.

Another clever and humorous marketing gimmick with transparent umbrellas was invented by St. Petersburg souvenir manufacturers. On completely transparent umbrellas, without any ornaments and drawings, there was an inscription “Umbrella with views of St. Petersburg” and a postscript: “Use only in St. Petersburg.”

What are the advantages of transparent umbrellas?
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Favorite of the English Queen

But not only among Hollywood stars there are ardent fans of transparent umbrellas, some representatives of the royal families also prefer these accessories. After all, it is useless for the rulers to hide and fence themselves off from their people, and the transparency of the umbrella helps to make this barrier almost invisible, but at the same time it reliably protects the royal outfits from the elements.

But what can I say, the Queen of England Elizabeth II herself, by the way, a well-known lover of all kinds of umbrellas, most often prefers transparent umbrella-canes. She has done this so often in recent years that the journalists of one of the British publications even gave her the comic title of “Queen of plastic umbrellas”.

However, here, too, she shows her impeccable taste and style. The sheer umbrellas of the Queen of England are custom made with contrasting colored piping that matches the royal outfit. The Queen’s stylists send a piece of fabric for the future suit to the umbrella factory in advance, so that the craftsmen can make an umbrella with a border of the desired shade.

What are the advantages of transparent umbrellas?

So it will not be difficult to look as stylish and aristocratic as the English queen. You just need to complement your look with a transparent umbrella-cane with colored edging that matches the color of the outfit. Fortunately, there are plenty of such umbrellas in the range of our stores with different colored edges, and there is no need to make them to order like a queen.

However, such an umbrella (of high quality) will cost a little more in our country than its “brothers”, manufacturers are making full use of the popularity of these umbrellas among noble people. Transparent cane umbrellas with a birdcage dome and colored edging have even been given the name “Royal, or Windsor, Umbrella.” So you will have to pay extra for the pleasure of looking like a king.

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