What are the characteristics of teenage cooking?

Cooking for girls of puberty is one of the most sensitive parts of every person’s life, and the physical and chemical changes that occur in the body change the situation so that adequate nutrition is not taken care of if there is not enough care that causes certain problems in adulthood and in older ages. Girls also suffer from special circumstances when they reach puberty. The nutritional needs that must be met during this period must be carefully chosen according to the changing hormonal conditions in girls. Hormonal changes, if not controlled according to an appropriate diet, can cause skin lesions and problems that can be solved at older ages. It will be impossible and costly. Sometimes, paying attention to the type of food cooked at puberty does not make the type of nutrition a precursor to the emergence of severe disease in the future. Ensuring a healthy puberty community: The first thing to consider when cooking puberty girls is the ingredients that should or should not be in their diet:

Suitable food during puberty

Suitable food during puberty

1- Iron element

Iron is an important component that affects the function of many organs throughout life and its presence in the diet is especially important, because puberty in girls is with the onset of menstruation. Consider their consumption, as appropriate consumption of red meat and legumes can meet the body’s need for iron

2- Proteins

Muscle and bone growth requires another compound called protein. The source of these valuable nutrients is egg whites, dairy products and meat. Dairy should be consumed carefully, and the use of low-fat dairy products provides both the calcium needed for bone growth and obesity in adulthood in preventing girls.

3- Fruits and vegetables

As girls reach puberty, excreta is produced in the body due to changes in hormones that move to accumulate in the liver. The best way to prevent this condition is to use fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as some vitamins and minerals, also help remove toxins from the body.Citrus fruits, persimmons and carrots are examples of this colorful fruit

4– Folic acid

In addition to iron, the human body needs special compounds such as folic acid, and folic acid is found in plants and vegetables such as lettuce and spinach that have dark leaves.

5- Zinc

Proper metabolism in the body is directly related to the presence of zinc, and the use of raw nuts meets the body needs of girls of puberty for this element.

Note: The use of unhealthy snacks such as puffs and chips, as well as solid oils and high-fat dairy products are not appropriate for any age, and noting their use at puberty guarantees a healthy future.

The importance of nutrition during puberty

The importance of nutrition during puberty

Why nutrition is so important during puberty

  • Create a proper nutritional storage in the body for adulthood
  • Meet the needs of the body in adulthood for appropriate fertility
  • Reducing blood diseases in adulthood
  • Prevent obesity, high blood sugar and high blood pressure in adulthood
  • Preventing lower height during the age of growth

Given these important points, consideration is given to the need to pay attention to the way girls cook in adulthood.

The importance of proper planning with Cooking for puberty girls

  • The plan for using fats in the diet should not exceed 30%.
  • Use low-fat snacks
  • Use vegetables and fruits in the diet
  • Get active with walking and cycling
  • Make sure you have a regular exercise program
  • Use of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B1, Sources of Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iodine, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium in the Adult Diet
  • Eat the right amount of carbohydrates before and after puberty
  • Avoid soft drinks, energy drinks, and soft drinks

Note that you yourself are a good or bad role model for your children, if you are not using the right diet, then it will definitely be a perfect mirror for your behavior. Use the right tools to cook foods that reduce the need for oil and fat. It has a major impact on the quality and control of food planning for your children during puberty

Types of utensils used in cooking

  • Aluminum containers
  • Top dishes
  • Polished metal containers
  • Ceramic dishes
  • Steel containers
  • Porcelain and pyrex dishes
  • Teflon dishes
  • Cast iron pots

Using each of these dishes has its own limitations, and Nalino has used the latest global experiences to produce the right cooking utensils. By choosing these dishes, you can experience healthy and healthy cooking fun. The high quality nalino dishes ensure the health of families and their interests in healthy cooking for your children, whether in childhood or adolescence.

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