What are the features and benefits of aerobic exercise?

  • The source of energy for aerobic exercise is oxygen. The body is enriched with oxygen during cardio training, which leads to an acceleration of metabolism, and therefore to an overall strengthening of the body and weight loss.

This is how cardio loads differ from power, anaerobic, when only certain muscle groups are affected and the muscles are vigorously developed.

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Aerobic loads are distinguished by the fact that they are long-lasting and moderate. This means that you usually need to engage in at least half an hour, while there is no rupture of muscle fibers and the body does not experience the same stress as during anaerobic exercise.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that in terms of burning fat, cardio loads are effective only at the time of exercise: after the end of the workout, there is no burning of fat deposits. With strength training, the body burns fat after exercise during recovery.

The benefits of cardio are as follows:

  • general endurance increases;
  • the body is cleansed of “toxins”;
  • the body is struggling with stress and insomnia, it has a generally beneficial effect on the emotional background and well-being in general;
  • the risk of heart disease and pathologies, cancerous tumors decreases;
  • bone tissue is strengthened.
What are the features and benefits of aerobic exercise?
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It is necessary to monitor the heart rate during aerobic training. As for the optimal heart rate, which should be in this type of training, it is believed that it should be within two thirds of the maximum. There are many tables that calculate what maximum heart rate is allowed depending on the age of the person.

The following types of activities can be attributed to aerobic exercise:

  • cycling, including exercise bike;
  • running, walking, treadmill and stepper classes;
  • ellipsoid;
  • aerobics in its various forms;
  • swimming;
  • skiing, skating, rollerblading;
  • dancing.

Cons of cardio for those who want to form a beautiful figure, in that this type of physical activity has almost no effect on the increase in muscle mass. In addition, as mentioned above, there is no burning of calories at rest. Basically, this means that if you ran for half an hour and burned about 200 calories, then it’s the same if you just ate the same number of calories in a day less.

With regular sports, experts advise doing two days of aerobic training a week, and devote other days to pumping individual muscles.

What are the features and benefits of aerobic exercise?
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It is not recommended to do the duration of cardio workouts for more than one hour, because, when tired, the body begins to process the protein in the muscles. It is best to start with a half-hour workout, and gradually increase the duration. After all, the body quickly adapts to stress, so, for example, a half-hour bike ride soon will not bring as much benefit as at first. And you will need to increase the class time.

Cardio training has practically no contraindications. There are only certain types of activities that may be contraindicated for certain people. For example, with varicose veins, it is better to exclude running, and cycling is not suitable for pregnant women.


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