What are the main rules for drying the body for women?

Features of the method

Drying differs from simply cutting calories in a more comprehensive approach. So, it is necessary to prepare the body for this stress in advance, two or three weeks in advance. You also need to stay active and exercise.

During drying, muscle mass is preserved, but subcutaneous fat is burned as much as possible. As a result, fluid is drained from the body, so to speak, and the relief muscles are drawn in detail.

In short, drying can be described as a reduction in carbohydrate intake combined with regular physical activity.

Women need to consider that their body naturally contains high levels of estrogen and a percentage of fat (25% versus 10% for men). Removing high-calorie foods from the diet, a woman upsets the balance, which can lead to a drop in hormone levels, a decrease in metabolic rate, and a decrease in muscle tissue etc. The condition of the skin, hair, etc. may worsen. Therefore, before starting to dry, you need to prepare your body.

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As a rule, it is worth starting workout first and only after six months of regular physical activity start drying the body. And of course, ordinary people should not take the level of professionals, otherwise it will not give anything but stress and ill health.

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Carbohydrate rules

The most important rule of the method is gradual smooth minimization of fast carbohydrates.

The norm of carbohydrates for the average person is 3 g per 1 kg, while when drying, instead of 3 g, only about 0.5-1 g of carbohydrates are consumed. The body begins to lack carbohydrates and is forced to break down fat from its own stores. So, a girl weighing 60 kg should reduce the amount of carbohydrates by about 160 g per week. To do this, you need calorie counting, since it is easy to download the corresponding counting program on the Internet.

Fast carbohydrates should be replaced with slow ones. This means that you will have to give up fast food, alcohol and sweets, and instead use whole grains and legumes. Instead of fruits when drying – vegetables, instead of white bread – black, instead of white rice – brown.

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When drying, you should drink about two liters of pure plain water a day (other drinks are not suitable). Water is drunk at the rate of 30 ml of water per 1 kg of weight, unless, of course, there are special contraindications for health reasons.

Drying workouts

Workouts should remain regular as they were before drying.

What are the main rules for drying the body for women?
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For women, aerobic exercise is shown. As for the weights, it is better to take the reduced ones, but increase the number of repetitions.

“Drying” is not recommended longer than 11-12 weeks, because it is still stress for the body.

Finally, it should be noted that not every woman is shown drying. Contraindication are pregnancy, lactation, liver disease, kidney and gastrointestinal tract.


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