What are the most common mistakes in choosing autumn shoes

With autumn approaching, many people think that it’s time to update their autumn wardrobe. Together with him, buy new boots or ankle boots. However, some girls make mistakes and then regret buying this or that pair. To prevent this from happening, the following mistakes must be avoided.

  1. Cheap and low-quality shoes

Many people want to save money, so they buy low-quality, inexpensive shoes. Such women should be reminded of the words of the famous proverb that “a miser pays twice.” In autumn, you often have to walk on sputum. Shoes get wet, poor-quality shoes can just come apart. Then you have to buy another pair. Therefore, low quality footwear is definitely not suitable for autumn. Also, natural high-quality footwear warms better. This is very important for cold autumn days.

  1. Shopping trip in the morning

It often happens that a girl buys shoes and then has to wear them out. The thing is that many people buy shoes in the morning, when the leg is not yet swollen. You shouldn’t do that. It is best to go shopping in the late afternoon when your legs are swollen. Then you can choose a pair in which your feet will be comfortable. Do not naively assume that boots are worn out. Autumn shoes are much more difficult to carry than summer shoes. Therefore, it is best to immediately take a comfortable pair so that you do not change it later or go for new boots.What are the most common mistakes in choosing autumn shoes

  1. The quality of the sole stitching is not taken into account

The sole in autumn shoes plays an important role, since you have to walk not only on dry sidewalk. Therefore, you should immediately pay attention to the thickness of the sole and the quality of its stitching. Dry feet will depend on this.What are the most common mistakes in choosing autumn shoes

  1. Buying men’s shoes

Some young girls buy men’s boots for autumn, especially since it is fashionable. However, not everyone knows that the foot of a woman and a man has a different structure. Therefore, frequent wearing of men’s shoes can lead to deformation of the foot. This will lead to a shift in the load on the spine.What are the most common mistakes in choosing autumn shoes

  1. The most comfortable heel

For the fall season, you need to choose shoes with the most comfortable heels. Indeed, in outerwear with uncomfortable heels, a woman will not feel the support and confidence that should be.What are the most common mistakes in choosing autumn shoes

Such mistakes should be avoided and remember that for autumn, shoes should be distinguished by two characteristics – quality and comfort.


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