What are the specifics of rest and treatment in a sanatorium?

It is difficult to find those indifferent to a holiday with health improvement. The opinion about the benefits or dullness and futility of staying in a sanatorium depends on personal experience. Many of my peers are convinced that this is a pioneer camp for grandparents. As soon as they learn more about this institution, they have a desire to take a vacation in a sanatorium and know how to organize their vacation so that it is beneficial.

Spa treatment is a medical complex of measures aimed at the prevention and therapy of specific diseases. Its effectiveness has been proven, and before going to a sanatorium, you should consult your doctor.

A brief history of spa treatment

Sanatorium is a place where
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The very name of this institution, sanatorium, is translated from Latin as “a place where they treat.” Physicians have been interested in natural and climatic factors that promote healing since antiquity.

The first temples of Asclepius, where patients were received and therapeutic measures, were built near mineral water springs. The Romans borrowed from the Greeks the practice of healing, rehabilitation and preventive procedures.


In the Middle Ages, the approach to human health became simpler: only the sick and the healthy existed. The former were placed in hospitals, and the latter, by definition, did not need any medical attention.

Doctors returned to the ancient experience in the Renaissance. Due to the fact that everything began with copying old traditions, the first to appear were balneological resorts.

By the end of the 19th century, the beneficial effects of different climatic zones on human health were well studied, and a number of diseases were controlled with the help of sanatorium-resort treatment.

Specificity of spa treatment

Sanatorium “Energetik” in Inowroclaw

The sanatorium is not a hospital. People with chronic diseases can go there only during the period of remission. The hope that rest will help to overcome the crisis is a dangerous delusion, because any trip is associated with loads that can negatively affect health.

Spa treatment is indicated for:

  • Rehabilitation after illness / injury / surgery.
  • Disease prevention.
  • Therapy of chronic diseases by prolonging the period of remission and preventing exacerbations.

In addition to natural factors that have a beneficial effect on human health, physiotherapy, dietary nutrition and physiotherapy exercises are widely used in sanatoriums. For all this to work, the vacationer must go through the full course of procedures prescribed by the doctor.

Uncommon advantages of rest in a sanatorium

Sanatorium procedure
Sanatorium procedure
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The presence of medical procedures in the list of services provided to vacationers means the constant presence of professional doctors on the spot. In the event of an accident or a banal deterioration in health, a person will not be left without the advice and help of a specialist.

The presence of a daily routine and dietary nutrition. I expect a wave of indignation, because many find it difficult to adapt to an unusual routine and do not like the food from the canteen. Only now, the effect of healing with procedures and walks in the fresh air, without giving up a number of bad habits, cannot be achieved.

Many sanatoriums in Russia and in the world have a rich and interesting history. Vacationers get the opportunity to live in buildings built a century ago, to visit the same ancient dining room and medical building. On the territory and in the treatment rooms, there will certainly be artifacts worthy of a museum display. A course of treatment in such a sanatorium can be an interesting adventure with full immersion in the era.

Non-trivial disadvantages of rest in a sanatorium

Sanatorium in Kislovodsk
Sanatorium in Kislovodsk
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A trip to a sanatorium means a temporary separation from four-legged pets. It is impossible to adapt the living conditions of vacationers to the owners of animals here due to the forced compact accommodation of the people. Having moved someone away for the sake of a dog or a cat, he, in fact, will be removed from the place where medical and preventive procedures are being carried out.

Psychological discomfort from communicating with those who like to talk “about sores.” In order not to become their victim, you need to learn to adequately assess the situation. Acute empathy arises when it is known that no one will help the sufferer. In the sanatorium, any whiner is surrounded by the care of doctors, he will not disappear, there is no point in crying over him.

The lack of entertainment in sanatoriums is difficult to attribute to disadvantages. In the absence of a specially organized leisure program, each person can be creative and choose entertainment to their liking. If it is not fun without a large company, you can look for like-minded people at tourist centers nearby.

What are the specifics of rest and treatment in a sanatorium?
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The sanatorium is able to change the attitude of a person to medicine and health care. The procedures here are pleasant, the staff, without being subjected to constant stress due to the need to save lives, are more fun than in a standard hospital or clinic, instead of sick people there are vacationers.

Perhaps in the future, spa treatment will become the main weapon in the fight for human health. In order for this fantastic picture to come true, people must take a more responsible attitude to their own body and seek help from a doctor before the problem becomes insurmountable for spa treatment.


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