what bag to choose to always look stylish

Want to know what bags will be in fashion in spring 2020? We are talking about the most current models that can be purchased right now.

1. Shiny bag

Can be decorated with rhinestones or sequins. In the new season, such options are suitable not only for evening events.

We boldly combine shiny bags with everyday looks: jeans, Tolstoyans and sneakers.

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2. Bag-baguette

It remains the most relevant and versatile form for the spring of 2020. Suitable for both classic and more relaxed looks.

When choosing, we pay attention to the fact that the bag keeps its shape well.

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3. Bulky bag

Bottega Veneta style or rectangular. These patterns are still an acute trend.

You can find a baggy bag from a variety of brands, from luxury to budget. If you want to add an unusual accent, we carry such a bag in the fold.

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4. Quilted bag

Stitch is the main trend of spring 2020, not only in clothing, but also in accessories such as bags.

The shape of the quilted bag can be any – from baguette to the most non-standard.

Thanks to the interesting finish, it will look fashionable anyway.

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5. Nylon bag

Adds an element of sporty chic to the look. Best of all, nylon models look in the shape of a baguette and a bag.

Nylon gained such popularity thanks to Prada bags. Today, there are many models for every budget.

Feel free to add a nylon bag to a classic look and are not afraid to experiment.

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6. Bag with an unusual handle

Will be a bright accent in a minimalistic look. If you want to add a touch of flavor to your everyday style, this bag with an unusual handle will do the job perfectly.

This little detail will not become a distraction, but only add the missing touch to the outfit.

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7. Geometric shape

The more unusual the better. Unlike models where only the handle of the bag draws attention to itself, geometric bags will definitely catch the eyes of passers-by.

The shape can be anything from round to polygonal. When choosing such a bag, it is important not to overload the outfit with unnecessary details – a monochrome suit or midi dress will be enough.

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8. Fur bag

Another important trend of the next season. Popular due to its “incompatibility” with the warm season.

We are all used to wearing fur clothes in the cold season. But not in the case of a fur bag – we combine them with light dresses and T-shirts. Despite the stereotypes, this combination looks very stylish and harmonious.

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9. Bag with chains

It can be both handles in the form of chains and various decorative elements.

When buying such a bag, try to choose options that do not have excessive decor. The chains themselves will be a key accent that will brighten up any look – from basic to complex.

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