What can we do to get a strong memory? The best way is to have a strong memory

Sometimes I am curious to see if my memory is as good as it should be, especially when I read about people like David Thomas, who won the 2007 American Memory Champion by remembering the sequence of all card games, and it only took a minute and a half.

Of course, I do not expect to compete for such a title, but as a neurologist who has been a major part of my memory studies, I need to know tricks to compete with at least one or two rounds, right?

I really hope so. Thomas is definitely an exception, but I also know something about brain health. Habits that keep memory sharp. One of my hobbies is knowing what to forget and when.

The excessive accumulation of daily information often leads us to think that our memory is weakened and forgotten, while in reality it is only saturated with unnecessary and unhelpful information.

Most of the information that comes to us every day is not worth remembering. A healthy brainWith agility and skill, he sifts and gets rid of useless and stale data in order to preserve what’s important. For example, the more you forget your PIN or previous access code, the faster and more accurately you can save new numbers.

The benefits of forgetfulness and memory loss, according to the Stanford University study Natural neuroscience He has been released.

Using functional magnetic resonance imaging to monitor brain activity, researchers found that when participants sought to remember a topic recorded in their memory, and were scattered with new and unrelated information, the prefrontal cortex, the part involved in decision-making, was very busy. When they summoned the information and could easily retrieve it, when they were subjected to constant distractions, the activity of the prefrontal cortex slowed significantly; That is, their brains eliminate information chaos and information chaos and are now ready to perform important activities such as decision-making.

To keep your brain healthy, try these simple techniques to boost forgetfulness:

Select the things you want to save.

Ask yourself if this new information will be useful to you in the future. For example, at a party, learn only the names of the people you hope to meet again. Read the newspaper with the goal of keeping the things that interest you.

Get the most out of your technology.

Keep a list of addresses and files on your computer or phone, and let the database of these devices save. You still can’t remember your husband’s phone number because you only go to the phone memory? It is true!

Preventing unpleasant memories.

The persistence of unpleasant memories that had to be pre-treated and removed for a long time – childhood trauma, emotional deprivation or any inevitable frustration and failure in life – can slow down your memory.

When you feel an unresolved memory problem is entering your mind, replace it with a pleasant and happy memory. Imagine exporting a DVD and inserting a new one.

Remind us of an interesting event with all its details – pictures and sounds – and try to keep it in your mind.

With a little organized and regular boost, annoying memories will fade, fade, and be pushed to the far corners of the memory bank. The next hero may not be in your memory, but you will take a big step towards your brain health.

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