What color of lipstick to rejuvenate?

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Lipstick stands forelegance. Red, rosé, nude … There are a multitude of colors to adopt depending on your tastes and desires. But some are perhaps more suited to obtain a rejuvenating effect. Here are which ones to choose according to an expert.

Choosing the right lipstick texture

“The choice of material is fundamental to obtain a rejuvenating effect on the lips”, notes Patrice Lepère, Givenchy France trainer. Indeed, the expert explains that after a certain age, the lips tend to refine. That is why “You have to bet on a lipstick at satin finish or shiny ”. A matte lipstick can make the mouth look even thinner.

You should also think about opting for a light texture, to avoid accentuating the smoothness of the lips and not overloading the make-up.

Lipstick colors to avoid

Once the ideal texture chosen, it remains to bet on a color which will enhance and rejuvenate you. “There isn’t really any color according to age, it’s more about taking a color according to the shape of the lips”, explains the make-up artist. The more she is fine, the more volume it needs. “We avoid too dark colors like brown or burgundy tones because that will make your lips thinner ”.

Instead, we opt for orange red, poppy red, rosewoods with a satin or gloss finish to give a “plumpy” or plumping effect. “It is about giving a more rounded impression thanks to the mirror-effect material of the gloss and the satin finish of shiny lipsticks ”.

Thanks to Patrice Lepère, Givenchy France trainer, for his advice.

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