What colors to combine turquoise color with in clothes?

Psychology interprets turquoise color as gentle, calm, measured. In the Islamic tradition, shades of turquoise must be present in the bride’s attire, since they are associated with purity and innocence. The name of the color comes from the stone of the same name. From time immemorial, turquoise has been attributed to mystical properties, it was believed that the mineral protects from slander, the evil eye, heals, sharpens intuitive abilities.

In general, turquoise is most suitable for women and rarely evokes negative emotions – mostly shades of aqua are perceived positively. Most often used in clothing for the summer season.

The combination of turquoise color in clothes is always fashionable, stylish and suits absolutely everyone. Age, color type, complexion, style preferences do not play a role, since there are a lot of shades of turquoise, so it is quite possible to choose one that is in harmony with your image.

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The meaning of turquoise is sociability and openness, so things of this color should be in the wardrobe of extroverted young ladies. For creative people who love to be in the spotlight, the juicy color of the sea suits perfectly. Although, in principle, garments of this shade are required in every woman’s piggy bank.

turquoise color in clothes

Turquoise accessories also look good – they emphasize the beauty of the outfit and go well with other colors.


Play of shades: play of sea waves

There are several shades of turquoise, they differ in saturation and, unlike other colors, these tones are difficult to confuse with each other.

  • Light aquamarine;
  • Turquoise with sapphire;
  • Classic sea wave;
  • The brightest turquoise;
  • Turquoise with malachite;
  • Topaz with turquoise.

shades of turquoise

The first shade is very pacifying, relaxed, so it is better to prefer it on vacation in hot summer. This color is not for hectic everyday life. Light aquamarine is complemented with gold, pearl or silver, and combinations with other colors are successful in the case of burgundy, cold emerald, chocolate, rich beige.

Blue-turquoise is a classic of this color. It goes well with amber jewelry, appropriate for any occasion. It harmonizes with dark blue, indigo, bronze, light green.

Dark turquoise is a versatile shade. Not defiant, discreet, therefore it is combined with many colors. First of all, with muted coral, purple, sand. After all, these are the duets that exist entirely in nature: waves and sand, coral starfish in the water. From jewelry, amber, shimmering pearls, strict agate and cherry-wine pomegranate organically suit dark turquoise.

Bright turquoise does not harmonize with every color type. It is necessary to create a contrast, so the shade looks most advantageous in combination with dark skin. Dark-haired women can combine juicy outfits with transparent stones: bright lapis lazuli, topaz, sapphire. As for color combinations, aquamarine, electric blue, lemon, purple, gold, aged bronze are ideal.

how to wear turquoise clothes

Muted turquoise is bordered by emerald green and goes well with any wardrobe. It goes especially well with orange, coral, chocolate, azure and dark silver. It is better to prefer jewelry made of transparent and bright natural stones.

The topaz shade is practically blue. It is often used in the production of sportswear, but evening dresses can be quite original, especially if they are properly shaded. For example, bright corals, luxurious diamonds, noble amethysts are those stones that will emphasize the beauty of this shade. A gold or silver clutch + the same shoes will add additional framing to your look. A lurex-based pattern complemented by a black satin sash also looks great on a topaz dress.

turquoise black belt dress

Choosing a frame for turquoise

White with turquoise is a traditional duet. Can be used for everyday and holiday bows:

  • Light mint trousers + snow-white jacket;
  • White blouse + muted turquoise jacket + beige jeans;
  • Snow-white and beige base + turquoise accessories.

turquoise color with white and beige

Knitted white shorts and a fishnet sweater are an interesting option.

turquoise sweater

A more romantic bow can be a mint floor-length skirt + a white top or milky-white tight trousers and an openwork turquoise blouse.

combination of turquoise and white in clothes

Black and turquoise in garments are harmoniously combined, the main thing is to keep the proportions. If there is more black, then the image will turn out to be laconic and strict.

how to combine turquoise and black in clothes

If turquoise prevails, the bow will become soft and pleasant to the eye.

how to combine black and turquoise

A great option is to add a third color, such as white or gold.

turquoise, black and gold colors

Beige calms down a little bright navy blue, the images are touching, delicate. Great for summer rendezvous, evening gatherings with friends in the waterfront cafes.

turquoise with beige

Turquoise and orange: yellow-orange mood

One of the most successful and catchy combinations. Icy cold and hot flames – what could be more spectacular. Moreover, these colors look amazing in any ratios and variations – and in the case of accessories, shoes, and as the main duet.

turquoise with orange

The beach option is also successful, suitable, for example, for a sultry summer party.

how to combine orange with turquoise

Yellow is less shocking, but its sunny cheerfulness is in perfect harmony with the noble coldness of turquoise. Juicy shades look especially gorgeous: bright topaz + lemon yellow.

yellow skirt with turquoise jacket

A calmer option is a mint blazer paired with white flowered shorts and a sand shirt.

mint jacket with yellow shirt

Such images radiate positive, give joyful excitement, a feeling of an imminent miracle.

Combination of blue and turquoise

Blue with sea green harmonizes perfectly, since they are related. Combinations with deep blue are especially successful.

blue and turquoise in clothes

More festive, walking, evening options look very beautiful and harmonious.

how to wear blue with turquoise

Violet color of various saturations (lilac, indigo, bright cornflower or violet) with turquoise creates very juicy, attractive tandems, suitable for both everyday and festive occasions.

combination of purple and turquoise in clothes

Corals in sea water: red and turquoise

Red with aqua, mint, topaz creates duets similar to orange. These are juicy, life-affirming images that leave no one indifferent. They are especially good at creating a retro look. Still, it is wiser to combine the colors 1: 3 in favor of shades of aqua.

red with turquoise

If a lady has curvaceous forms, then a mint bottom and a coral top are just her combination, because cold turquoise visually slims. If the shape is standard, then the colors must be combined exactly the opposite.

mint and coral in clothes

Festive, romantic and business options look very attractive. For a date, for example, it is worth complementing an airy coral dress and beige high heels with bright turquoise accessories, slightly diluting the image with a cream shade.

coral dresses with beige shoes

A more solemn ensemble can be called a turquoise-red sheath dress with a contrasting black pattern + mint stilettos. A bright red jacket and a lacquered clutch act as accents in the image, and earrings with noble agate act as an interesting addition.

orange jacket with turquoise shoes

Chocolate turquoise combination

A very good combination. It is fashionable, stylish, unusual. If dark chocolate is paired with juicy turquoise, you get an unforgettable onion. And sand and topaz are in perfect harmony in everyday looks.

Turquoise clothing with brown

With the help of these colors, more conservative duos are created, for example, a brown dress and ankle boots + an emerald classic coat and a two-tone handbag. The ensemble is organically complemented by silver earrings with turquoise.

brown dress and ankle boots + emerald coat

These shades create equally attractive ethnic options for summer vacations and travel. In such cases, handmade jewelry in folk style, straw hats, light slippers are required. Fabrics – only natural (coarse linen, cotton).

brown with turquoise

Turquoise in gold

Gold is a worthy setting for this upbeat, open, beautiful hue. As a rule, combinations in clothes are used as follows: the main color is shades of turquoise, accessories (clutches, belts, bracelets), as well as shoes – gold or silver.

turquoise dress with gold accessories

Shades of turquoise inspire and inspire, so they are simply irreplaceable in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

incomprehensible turquoise dress

It is noteworthy that this is always fashionable – the combinations change, but the turquoise color, one way or another, remains in trend. It is not for nothing that in many cultures he was deified and revered.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Is turquoise in fashion now?

In clothing and fashion, turquoise tones can be used as a main color or as an accent, since they have a muted hue. Therefore, these colors are easy to wear and look very nice. Turquoise tones are very modern. Nowadays, they are often used in web design and furniture.

What colors go well with turquoise clothing?

Turquoise blue color is combined with hot pink, red rose, yellow ocher, pink-coral, orange, blue-green, cold light green, aquamarine, purple, blue, white-blue, white, straw beige, silver, gold, bronze , medium brown.

What does it mean when you like turquoise?

Under the influence of turquoise, a person quickly comes to his senses, calms down and invigorates. This is one of the few shades that do not evoke negative emotions and associations. It does not irritate, does not cause depression. Turquoise is a versatile shade that will suit any lady.

What can you wear with turquoise pants?

If we talk about color, then it is better to choose summer, light shades for turquoise trousers. White is perfect. A good black and white stripe, light gray, ivory, peach, pale pink, beige, pale blue. You can also take the top in large or small polka dots, with a print of the same color or with pictures.

What to wear with a turquoise blazer?

A teal blazer and white chinos are a great outfit formula to have in your arsenal. Complete this look with white canvas low top sneakers to jazz things up. Consider teaming an aquamarine blazer with white shorts for a casual level of dress.



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