What dishes can be made from Armenian lavash?

From them you can cook a great variety of dishes that you did not even know about. More precisely, Armenian lavash will help you out and replace the dough in cases when you have neither the energy nor the time to make it.

Correct pita bread

In order to cook one or another dish, you need to choose a suitable Armenian lavash. And don’t think that they are all the same.

For example, classic lavash made from wheat flour is neutral in taste, and lavash made from rye flour has a pronounced sourness and a special aroma of spices (ground coriander and cumin are often added to it).

Lavash of bright yellow or lemon color is called cheese. It contains natural cheese powder, sometimes natural colors and flavors can be added.

Lavash with vegetables and herbs can also be found on sale. This is tomato lavash (with tomato powder), with carrot juice, with salad herbs, even with beets (it has an original bright color).

If lavash snacks are served on a festive table, you can surprise guests with colorful products. For yourself, it is worth choosing those varieties that you like.

Various varieties of lavash sold in the Yerevan market
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You can even bake pita bread at home, but in a frying pan the flat cakes will be small in diameter, like pancakes. All you need for baking is flour, water and salt. The dough is rolled out thinly and baked in a dry hot frying pan. Oil is not added to the pan or baked goods.

Stuffed pita bread

The simplest recipe for a dish using Armenian lavash is to take cooked meat, vegetables, herbs, put it on the lavash and roll it like a pancake, or in the form of a roll.

By the way, if you want to learn how to roll shawarma, there is nothing difficult. In this case, one horizontal edge of the pita bread is bent inward, as when folding pancakes, and the second horizontal edge remains free, like a roll. In this way, roll pita bread to the right or left (as you like), in the same way as if you were rolling the carpet into a roll.

Lavash can be turned into spring rolls. You will need kitchen scissors to cut long layers of pita bread into rectangles (stuffing pancakes do not have to be round). Then make the filling.

What dishes can be prepared from Armenian lavash?
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If you want to cook with meat, boil it, pass it through a meat grinder and mix with fried onions. You can make such pancakes with cottage cheese, stewed apples or mushrooms. The main thing is then to lightly fry and darken them under the lid for several minutes. The lavash will become soft like pancake dough.

Lavash dishes

The method of making pies, pies and lasagna from lavash is slightly different.

For pies and pasties, lavash is cut with scissors in the form of circles or ovals, the filling is added and fried. You can also bake pies in the oven – with stewed cabbage, cottage cheese, berries.

Want a strudel? You are welcome. Do you want kystybai cakes with potatoes? This is also nothing complicated. You can make lasagne, cheese and meat pie. Yes, in general, whatever you want.

The main secret of Armenian lavash dough is that it can replace many types of other thin rolling dough. But do not forget about the juiciness of the filling or about the sauce, which are necessary so that the dough does not feel coarse and dry.

What dishes can be prepared from Armenian lavash?
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And your favorite salads can be wrapped in pita bread rolls – for example, “Mimosa”, “Fur coat”, “Jewish” salad. You can even wrap sushi in lavash!

Quick breakfast

Cut the pita bread into small pieces, wrap them in a block of hard or processed cheese, in a slice of ham or sausage. Roll up in an envelope, dip in a slightly beaten raw egg and fry in a skillet for 3-5 minutes on each side. The dish is ready.

And if you want to crunch chips in the evening to an interesting movie, you can make them from lavash. To do this, cut the pita bread into squares or triangles, sprinkle with paprika and salt, place on a baking sheet and in the oven. You can sprinkle them with cheese.

What dishes can be prepared from Armenian lavash?
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This is not a complete list of what can be made from pita bread. There are a lot of culinary recipes. But each housewife definitely brings some zest to her lavash dish, and it turns out to be special.


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