What do men really think about fashion trends?

Actors Ivan Zhvakin, Evgeny Romantsov and artist Grigory Maslennikov replied

In the desire to keep up with fashion, you can lose your own individuality. Someone prefers to put on all the best at once, others dress from head to toe in the trends of the season or clothes with brand logos, others prefer catwalk total-look, not wanting to be trapped with stylization. But have we ever wondered how we look from the outside? Watching the shows of Fashion Weeks, we often take on chips that are more appropriate in the pages of magazine photography than in everyday life – take at least a new trend – tying laces over trousers. This is relevant only if you put on very wide trousers and stumble over them after a step – you need to urgently correct the situation. The runway look should still be viewed as a set of ideas and adapt something to your wardrobe.

We decided to ask famous men what they think about modern women’s fashion and fall-winter 2020 trends. We invited actors Ivan Zhvakin and Evgeny Romantsov, as well as artist Grigory Maslennikov, to play the role of fashion critics, and asked them to comment on catwalk photos.

The virtual round table turned into a real battlefield – the men approached the task not only with humor, but also responsibly – they said everything they thought about trends, show logos, and even tried to come up with an alternative to some outfits. And we all carefully recorded.

Alberta Ferretti, Prada

Photos from the show Alberta Ferretti

Evgeny Romantsov: This is my absolute favorite! Berry woman – I want to eat! First of all, you pay attention to the play of textures – special thanks for that! The boldness of the image, of course, is given by trousers and boots – immediately associations with Puss in Boots arise.

Grigory Maslennikov: You could tell by the colors that this is Marni, they love that. I don’t like leather pants; they would look cool if they were the same color as the coat. Here is the fourth color. Because of him, you immediately get the feeling that something is not right. Still, the image should have three colors. Carrot shade combined with flamingo color is a very strange decision. It needs to be combined with some bright green or ultramarine turtleneck – it would look much cooler. Shoes are a failure, in the sense that they are not from here at all: both pants in the folds and shoes in the folds – they look ugly. Something more formal is needed here. I would replace shoes and a blouse – then the image would look more harmonious. But the coat is gorgeous.

Photo from the Prada show

Evgeny Romantsov: Here I like the complementarity of all colors! With a request for a mixture of daring forms. It looks attractive! I want to undress.

Grigory Maslennikov: I think it is very hard for her to go in this. It should be uncomfortable to walk in such boots, they are heavy: where could she go in them? But the colors are great. But if there is a tied down jacket in the image, then the bottom should consist of jeans or leggings. A voluminous skirt does not fit here. Even with bare feet it would be cooler, you could add knitted socks to pop out of your shoes. And there are too many things.

Prada, Versace

Photo from the Prada show

Evgeny Romantsov: Sorry, but this is a complete nightmare – period. I would not have approved such an outfit even for uniforms in places not so remote.

Grigory Maslennikov: I have no right to criticize this image, because it is a certain philosophy of Gucci, although it is not Gucci. Gucci wouldn’t wear it so boringly. I am not saying that this is bad, it is even beautiful in some ways. But the jacket is buttoned up with all three buttons, they don’t wear it like that. I would add a slightly higher slit to this skirt because it lacks play. If the girl took off this jacket, and under it was a blouse with a frill, it would look better. For such a little girl, the gray combination looks heavy, although the designers have laid out everything according to the colors.

Photos from the show Versace

Grigory Maslennikov: Here we see an oversize that covers the top and at the same time emphasizes the shoulders. It forms a triangular shape that creates a masculine effect. Boots are in trend this season, riding boots would still look interesting. I love how the gloves complement the outfit. Obviously this is an evening look, not a daytime one. I noticed that in recent years there has been a trend towards a lack of gender in women’s fashion, they felt masculine. Now it’s a different story – the emphasis has shifted to sexuality. A lot of fringe, decor, things with chains, corsets, latex, bare legs, gloves, closed top – it’s very sexy.

Ivan Zhvakin: A real “locomotive” is moving towards us, breaking through all obstacles in its path in a flashy red jacket with a strict black pattern. I would call this image “businesswoman”. Note that a bright color is not always so attractive, more often the opposite is true. In this image, the girl seems to want to prove that she is independent and independent, and she successfully copes with this.

Evgeny Romantsov: Looks confident and very dignified! Infinitely long legs lend a sexy look. In addition to the provocative red cell, which itself looks provocative.

Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti

Photo from the Christian Dior show

Ivan Zhvakin: The most striking example of when you not only wear clothes, but also advertise them for free. For me this is wrong and at least unfair. Connoisseurs will understand what you are wearing, but to advertise in big letters is somehow not very good.

Grigory Maslennikov: I am against merch: it when it is written what the brand is. Overall, I don’t like the jacket, although it looks good with a shirt and tie styled. I don’t like the bandana either, because it creates the feeling that the girl has been preparing for the exit for too long – I love it when a certain slovenliness is felt in the image. Shoes are a complete failure: they are somewhat similar to lunar rovers, only these are not lunar rovers, but in general it is not clear what. And the knee-highs in the mesh? There are too many textures here: a checked skirt, mesh knee-highs, leather shoes with straps, a puffy down jacket, a complex tie-dye print and fringe.

Photos from the show Alberta Ferretti

Evgeny Romantsov: The image turned out to be very strict. In my opinion, a total-gray outfit can be afforded by a woman who is confident in her own sexuality and irresistibility, otherwise a fashionable failure and the appearance of a gray mouse.

Grigory Maslennikov: Bulky sleeves, bombers – all this is in trend. But the belt-belt does not match the image, the color is not at all the same. I would remove the decor, strings, collar. Generally not a very good story: the breasts are at a low level due to unsuccessful tissue. If it was a black turtleneck, it would be more harmonious. There would be an emphasis on the face. Pants with a high rise raise the waist too much – I would replace them too. And I would have put on my shoes.

Christian Dior, Christian Dior

Photo from the show of Christian Dior (left)

Ivan Zhvakin: Probably the nicest outfit of all. You can feel a certain freedom and humanity. In our native land such people were called: “Own man”! But only this bag with a flashy brand I would remove. I don’t like advertising.

Grigory Maslennikov: Personally, I don’t like the combination of textures here. Below is a cage, and above is fake fur. Boots are kind of “waffle”, maybe in the style of the 1960s – 1970s, but, for my taste, they don’t fit the image. Here it was necessary to choose high shoes to tuck in trousers. I would change either the bottom or the top in this outfit. I added a huge oversized coat, because the pants are wide, and they need the same hooligan top. If, on the contrary, you choose a silhouette fitted at the top, then the bottom should be narrowed trousers.

Photo from the Christian Dior show (right)

Ivan Zhvakin: Quite an interesting, bright outfit. A kind of elementary girl from the Vatuki tribe. A plaid jacket in which you want to hide, high-quality boots – you can go on a long journey with it. An interesting detail is a necklace of many talismans or trophies, probably the wrong companions, which emphasizes the seriousness and efficiency of this young Pocahontas. It’s better not to make jokes with her.

Grigory Maslennikov: A beautiful look with fall colors. Certain shades are popular this season: tangerine, samba (a shade of red), olive, ultramarine, burnt umber, celery and brown. They set their mood. I always pay attention to proportions: if you have an open bottom, then the top should be closed. Therefore, in this case, everything is absolutely harmonious.

Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana

Photo from Isabel Marant show

Evgeny Romantsov: The image turned out to be as romantic and sensual as possible! Calm colors, an unexpected cascade of tenderness, lightness and rigidity, a smooth transition from top to bottom: from a sweater to a skirt and boots. Such a woman wants to be hugged.

Ivan Zhvakin: In this photo, the girl has too thick eyebrows. Recently, a cult of some kind. But the outfit is nice. It is good when the belt emphasizes the waist. I especially approve of skirts. Skirts are not enough in our time, and this is so beautiful! In general, the white color is admirable.

Grigory Maslennikov: Voluminous sleeves look very cool: I have no complaints about the upper part of the image. The belt helped define the silhouette: without it, the outfit would have looked terrible, the model would have become in shape like a ball. I am confused by the multi-layered silk skirt: it is not the topic here, because it does not match the texture with the top. The bottom in this look should be tight-fitting, fitted, because the top of the look is voluminous. There cannot be a voluminous top and a voluminous bottom, and only in the middle is tied up like a candy. I’d rather add light blue skinny jeans and tuck them into my boots.

Photo from the Dolce & Gabbana show

Evgeny Romantsov: There is something repulsive about this image. You can imagine him in some bar somewhere outside the Moscow Ring Road.

Grigory Maslennikov: There’s too much mixed in here. The polka-dot dress itself is very accent, it immediately attracts attention, plus it is made of silk. It needs to be combined with something simple. A knitted cardigan won’t work here. A cardigan is about convenience, about comfort: throw on and go for coffee, walk the dog, take a walk in the park – it doesn’t look like this. I would take off my stockings, put on different shoes and an asymmetrical coat.


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