What does water with honey give on an empty stomach and why else is there honey

That water with honey on an empty stomach helps from any adversity, everyone knows. Here you can accelerate metabolism, cleanse the body, and even calm the human nervous system. However, these are far from all the miraculous properties of honey that you should know about.

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Today edition “So easy!” will tell you about 8 interesting cases when you can use bee honey. Depending on the compatibility of honey with other products, it will act in different ways. In the autumn-winter period, this topic is more relevant than ever!

Water with honey on an empty stomach

Bee honey – truly universal remedy… For example, if you feel that you are starting to get sick or cough, the first step is to stock up on high-quality natural honey and lemons.

Make a simple home remedy. To do this, grate on a fine grater or chop 1 lemon weighing about 200 g in a blender. Add 100 g of bee honey to it and mix well. Store the prepared mixture in glass jar in the refrigerator… By the way, if you add 50 g of grated ginger to lemon and honey, the effect will be much better.

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If you do not want to prepare the product for future use, you can use products in portions every time you take them. 1 tsp will be enough. honey and lemon juice, or 2 tsp. honey and 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice.

By the way, honey also helps with other unpleasant diseases, which are especially relevant in the cold season. Various drops and ointments are prepared from honey.

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Ready vinegar honey drink it is recommended to drink 1–2 times a day, 1 glass at a time. By the way, you can also inhale with apple cider vinegar. To do this, mix 100 ml of the product with 200 ml of water. Then heat the mixture on the stove, but do not boil it. Then start inhaling the steam, closing your eyes and mouth at the same time.

Fighting extra pounds

Experienced women know that although bee honey is sweet, it helps to fight extra pounds. This product works like detox… In other words, it is able to remove all unnecessary substances from the body.

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To prepare home detox remedy, mix 1 tbsp. l. honey, juice of half a lemon and 250 ml of warm water. Ideally, the temperature should be no more than 30 degrees. To achieve a visible result, drink this water 3 times a day 20 minutes before the main meal.

If you don’t want to mess with making lemon-honey water, you can replace it with herbal tea. Just add 1–2 tsp to the cup. honey every time you drink tea. But remember that the tea itself must be of high quality. It is better to choose sheet options, rather than packaged ones.

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It is recommended to drink half of the received funds before bedtime, and the rest should be sent to the refrigerator. In the morning cinnamon honey water should be drunk on an empty stomach without warming it up.

Face skin honey

If you connect honey and cinnamon powder, several problems can be solved at once. For example, a paste made from these components relieves toothache. To do this, mix 1 tsp. cinnamon and 1 tbsp. l. honey. Then just apply the paste to the aching tooth.

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In addition, cinnamon and honey can be used as anti-inflammatory for facial skin… Just mix 3 tbsp. l. honey and 1 tsp. cinnamon. Next, apply the paste on top of the pimples overnight. Rinse off with warm water in the morning.

Honey before bed

Everyone knows that 1–2 tsp. honey before bed will help you fall asleep better and improve the quality of sleep. However, these are not all the reasons why it is worth including honey in the list of evening procedures.

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Tell us in the comments how often you eat honey and for what purpose do you do it? Perhaps you have a couple of your proven recipes with this wonderful product. Let’s share the benefits with each other!


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