what exercises to relax facial features?

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Facial yoga is an effective natural anti-wrinkle method. In a few minutes a day, you slow down skin aging and maintain beautiful skin that ages well. All the gestures to get into facial yoga without further delay.

The facial gymnastics is very trendy to find a young and relaxed face. With or without an accessory, this method can be practiced very well at home thanks to books and videos available on YouTube. Advice, gestures, exercises… Here is everything you need to know about this yoga unlike any other.

Face yoga, what is it?

Facial yoga is a natural and holistic method combining self-massages and facial exercises aimed at maintaining skin youthfulness. To age well, as for the rest of the body, the face needs its muscles to be maintained to preserve firmness, tone, tone, flexibility… The exercises chosen in facial yoga stimulate the muscles linked to the firmness and density of the skin and the energy points promoting relaxation and well-being, for a rested and relaxed face.

Is facial yoga really effective?

A few minutes a day are enough to get results. On her site, Sylvie Lefranc, an expert in the field, explains that the “facial muscle strengthening work has fast, visible and lasting effects.”The oval of the face is redrawn, the hollow areas regain a little volume, the engorged tissues (puffiness under the eyes) are refined, all in an ultra natural way. Cell renewal is relaunched. But be careful, the facial yoga is a gentle, non-invasive method. Very useful in prevention and maintenance, in treatment or correction, she doesn’t work miracles. Good-looking effect and boost yes. But face yoga will never bring you the same results as a facelift or injections. Finally, for maximum efficiency, remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle (quality sleep, less alcohol, tobacco, excess, sport regularly) and an adapted care routine with non-aggressive cosmetics.


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