What eyebrows need to be urgently corrected 5 most unfashionable forms in 2020

Makeup artists say that you need to start makeup with the eyebrows. The shape and color of the eyebrows play a big role in makeup. The expressiveness of the gaze and the clear outline of the face depend on the eyebrows.

Every year a new eyebrow fashion comes in. Conversely, some shapes become out of fashion, so they need to be adjusted. Otherwise, the girl will look out of date. Here are some examples of which eyebrows should not be worn this year.

  1. House-shaped eyebrows

The unnatural curl of the eyebrows is no longer in vogue. House-shaped eyebrows give a slightly surprised expression to the face. It looks just silly. Therefore, you should abandon this form, changing it to a more natural one.

  1. “Plucked” eyebrows

You should not wear eyebrows that show that they have been “pinched”. All because it becomes clear that over such eyebrows “tried too hard.” This excessive effort should not be. Eyebrows need to be adjusted. But you shouldn’t pluck them too much.

  1. Brows that are too wide

A year ago, the fashion for natural wide black eyebrows remained. However, today this trend is in the past. The thing is that not every woman has such eyebrows. More precisely, only a select few women with an oriental appearance can afford wide black eyebrows. It is worth considering that they should be natural, not painted. In addition, the representatives of the strong half do not like women with too wide eyebrows.

  1. Graphic arts

Graphic eyebrows should also not be done this year. Graphic eyebrows are no longer as popular as they used to be. Looking at the well-defined graphics, it is immediately clear that the eyebrows are drawn, there is nothing natural about them. Therefore, graphics lovers should choose a different shape.

  1. Tattoo

Tattooing often makes eyebrows defiant. They are immediately striking, become an accent in appearance and look unnatural. I must say that it often turns out that they do not match in color. Fixing a tattoo is difficult, but real. True, you need to be patient, because you won’t be able to do it in one day.

If a woman determines that her eyebrow shape is out of fashion, do not be upset. Any shape can be adjusted. To do this, it is enough to get acquainted with fashion trends.

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