What food fears are popular with those in quarantine?

Dying after gaining a couple of extra pounds will not work, but this should not inspire carelessness. A resounding figure is not as terrible as the processes that can occur inside the body and remain invisible to the human eye. Our people are educated, therefore they have a good idea of ​​what disasters lie in wait for those who hide in their own homes from infection.

The most dangerous consequences of inappropriate nutrition and physical inactivity during the period of forced self-isolation due to the threat of coronavirus, according to the majority, are:

  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels associated with blood cholesterol.
  • Lack of vitamin D, which lies in wait for those who hide from direct sunlight.
  • Intestinal congestion associated with a lack of physical activity.


First on the list and probably the worst disease. People do not know how the harmful substance gets into the vessels.

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Fats from food cannot mechanically enter the bloodstream. They are processed and absorbed by the digestive system. Completely different organs are responsible for the composition of the blood. The relationship between diet and blood cholesterol levels is extremely weak.

For example, the natives of the Far North consume unthinkable amounts of animal fats, but their vessels are clean. The point is not at all about physical activity, the hunter can wait out the bad weather for several days in a shelter, where it is difficult to engage in physical education, and he will have to eat all the same fat and meat, but he will not die from a heart attack.

In order not to be afraid of catastrophic changes in your body, you need to undergo regular medical examinations. Tests give an accurate idea of ​​the presence of cholesterol in the blood, in contrast to trying to build a prognosis on this score by measuring your own waist. The doctor will prescribe medications and a diet if necessary.


Vitamin D is very important for the human body. It participates in the building of bone tissue, working together with calcium and phosphorus. Attempts to break this command, excluding the element that the sun gives, will not lead to good.

What food fears are popular with those in quarantine?
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You need to start with the fact that only a very long stay away from sunlight can damage the body of an adult. For a week or two, no pathologies can develop. But why take risks hoping for the best? Fully protect yourself from hypovitaminosis D and guarantee the highest level of strength to bones and teeth, the required amount of a useful substance can be obtained from food.

Think about fish oil, or rather, about the place of fish in the human diet. It is difficult to recommend canned fish as a preventive measure. The benefits of the product are overridden by the abundance of salt and vegetable oil in the composition.

Intestinal congestion

The opinion that physical activity also makes the contents of the esophagus move is nothing more than a ridiculous delusion. Exercising loads the muscles and increases the demand for quality and calorie intake. The processes that take place in the digestive tract will not become healthier from it.

You can avoid constipation by eating right, not denying yourself fresh vegetables and fruits, fermented milk products. The latter have a beneficial effect on the microflora of the digestive system. Attempts to solve the problem by increasing physical activity will not give results, and the independent intake of all kinds of laxatives can have serious negative consequences.

What food fears are popular with those in quarantine?
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The digestive tract can react negatively to changes in the diet. This does not mean that while staying at home during forced self-isolation, you should, like at work, eat fast food. On the contrary – now there is a chance to change eating habits. You should not forget only about the amount of liquid you drink per day. Without an invitation from colleagues to drink a cup of coffee, you will have to prepare yourself a drink.

Poor nutrition

Eating irrationally in conditions of isolation and quarantine, many are forced by the fear of the disappearance of products from stores. If you analyze what kind of goods people stocked up with when the news of the coronavirus epidemic just appeared, it will become clear that the people’s ideas about how to wait out hard times are vague and based on myths.

Buckwheat, which has become a symbol of preparation for forced self-isolation, is not suitable for the role of the main dish. Its daily consumption will lead to digestive problems. Love for cereals flares up exclusively at the moment of danger and disappears as soon as everything acquired is in the bins. Grain is stored for a long time, but not for an eternity, therefore it is not necessary to purchase it with a reserve for the next 100 years.

It is necessary to reduce the calorie content of food if, while staying at home, a person refuses to exercise. Daily exercise can keep muscles toned and compensate for the lack of physical activity.

What food fears are popular with those in quarantine?
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Canned fruits are not bad if a person does not consume them in a set with a white roll and sweet tea. All varieties of jam and compote, regardless of whether it was prepared by my grandmother or everything was bought in a store, were cooked in sugar syrup. A few spoons of this delicacy cover the daily sugar requirement. If you give up sweet tea, sweets, pastries and other foods rich in fast carbohydrates there is no strength, then dried fruits should become “long-playing” fruits and berries in your diet.

Do not forget about simple safety rules during an epidemic:

  • If a courier delivers groceries to your home, meet him at the front door.
  • Dispose of the package in which the purchases were made by packing it in a plastic bag.
  • Wash your hands before eating.
  • Wash what you are going to consume raw, pour over with boiling water or peel.



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