What foods can you eat other than raw? Cooking Ideas

For example, good old cucumber, as it turns out, you can fry. Cucumbers taste like zucchini, which is not surprising, because these vegetables are relatives. Tasty Korean cucumbers with garlic and soy sauce. Add a little more honey, sesame seeds and red pepper to the fried dish. You can also fry cucumbers in batter, like zucchini. Serve with soy sauce or sour cream.

Fried foods have a special unusual taste. salted cucumbers… They are perfect as a barbecue snack, they will become an alternative to fried mushrooms. And when fried in batter, it can be something more special than chips or onion rings. You can make pan-fried pickles as a salad ingredient, such as potatoes, fried onions, and carrots.

Fruits can not only be eaten fresh or cooked compotes from them, but also fried. For instance, peaches, watermelon and melon wonderful not only as refreshing fruit products in the summer heat. You can grill them.

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Cut the peaches, watermelon and melon into large slices, grease them with olive oil and, if desired, honey. There is only one problem with melon: it is believed that it does not combine with other foods, so you should not end up with a fried melon in a hearty meal.

Pineappledrizzled with lime juice, cinnamon and honey are also very good on the grill. They are combined with chicken, however, as in salads.

Bananas, perhaps, represent the fruit that many of us always eat only raw. However, bananas can be used to make many interesting and unusual dishes.

For example, banana pancakes are a great alternative to traditional cheesecakes or pancakes. They are very interesting to taste, and are also suitable for those who cannot eat gluten, because banana replaces flour in a dish.

You can bake a banana in foil with chocolate. You need to put the fruit in foil, sprinkle with chocolate chips on top. For fun and variety, you can also add marshmallows or sprinkle the banana with cinnamon on top. In the oven, this dish is cooked for 10 minutes, on the grill and even faster – 5-6 minutes.

What foods can you eat other than raw?  Cooking Ideas
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You can cook a banana without foil – just gently peel off the top, take out some pulp and pour chocolate inside. When the latter melts, the banana is ready. If you use “Nutella” instead of chocolate, then the banana is put on the grill or in the oven as a whole. Once it’s cooked and cooled slightly, you can remove the rind from the top and lay a generous amount of chocolate paste on top.

You can also grill banana and bacon – just wrap a slice of banana in bacon. It turns out at least unusual and quite interesting.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are great, but sometimes you can experiment with fried foods. What if, instead of the usual mutton kebab, fry less fatty and healthier peaches, pineapples or watermelon? But what if you fry cucumbers or make an original salad with them? A very good idea, perhaps for an unusual dinner.


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