What haircuts are not suitable for a woman with thin hair

The fair sex, whom nature has awarded with thin hair, often do not know what hairstyles they need to do and what hairstyles they should avoid. After all, thin hair turns into icicles within a few hours after styling. Therefore, some haircuts simply should not be done on thin hair due to the fact that they will not add volume, but, on the contrary, remove it. The following haircuts should be avoided.

Torn haircuts

A torn haircut can only be done on thick hair, because a haircut involves the presence of strands of different lengths. It turns out an interesting hairstyle, where the strands seem to have accidentally crawled out of the hairstyle. However, what is good for thick hair is completely unsuitable for fine strands. This is because thin hair does not have enough volume. A feeling of neglect will be created. Sparse hair will just stick out in all directions, and the haircut will not be visible.

Filtered haircuts

Here everything is the same as with a torn haircut. Thinning is done on thick hair, it reduces volume. Thin hair doesn’t need it. They already have no volume, and after thinning the hair will remain even less. If you do thinning on sparse hair, it is only to remove split ends.

Long haircuts

Long haircuts are not recommended for owners of thin hair. The maximum length allowed is up to the shoulders. Thin long hair in a couple of hours after leaving the house will turn into icicles, which will not decorate their mistress, but on the contrary, will create a feeling of neglect.

Short straight bangs

Short straight bangs show fine hair in all its glory. It will immediately become clear that there is no volume. Therefore, the bangs must be made asymmetrical or choose a technique that suits a particular woman. A good hairdresser can handle this task without much difficulty.

Haircuts without bangs

Haircuts that do not involve bangs are not worth doing. The lack of volume will become apparent.

Smooth straight square

Straight cut haircuts are also not suitable for girls with thin hair. They will get tangled and hang like icicles.

Haircuts requiring styling

An unequivocal “no” to such hairstyles. They only look beautiful in a barber shop. After the woman went out into the street, there will be no trace of her hair.

The most important thing for fine hair is to create a sense of volume. Therefore, haircuts that remove volume should be avoided.

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