What haircuts for a triangular face ?

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And yes, even hairstyle, math, have their importance, and in particular the geometry. Zoom in on the faces, triangular, pointing up and down, and the cuts that value it most.

Rectangular, square, oval… Not always easy to find among all the face shapes that exist, and it is complicated even with the triangular form, which can be straight, understand “points to the top”, or reversed, with the tip down. Let us guide you to find if you have a triangular face, and the hair cuts are most suitable for you.

How to recognize a triangular face ?

Even if the math were not necessarily your cup of tea at the school, we assure you, you’ll be able to easily detect if you wear a triangular face. To do this, you observe well.

  1. If your forehead is somewhat narrow , while your jaw and your chin say much more, your face has the shape of a right triangle, with the point upwards.
  2. On the contrary, if your forehead is rather high and wide, while your jaw remains close with a chin-end and rather elongate, your face was an inverted triangle, with the tip down.

In both cases, the cheekbones are not very prominent and rather erased.
As it is all a question of balance or balances the proportions of hairstyle, it will be necessary to minimize some of the strong features of your face and increase on the contrary, those who are too discrete.

What haircuts for a triangular face is pointing toward the top ?

For a triangular face right, with the tip up, it’s going to be to minimize the appearance square of the jaws but also to bring the volume on top of headmore narrow. Preference will therefore be given the haircuts that leave the forehead with volume at the temples and with a beautiful gradient that begins at the level of the jaw, the better to soften. A square dipping not too structured for example will be ideal for a face in the shape of a right triangle. We also love the wavy and loops that will bring the sweetness at the bottom of the face quite angular.
The fringes should rather be avoided, because they would hide a front already little present. If you really can’t do without it, would prefer a fringe long asymmetrical. You can also forget the square straight and smooth cut at the level of the chin, which would put the focus on the maxillary

What haircuts for a triangular face is pointing down ?

For the faces in the shape of inverted triangle, also known as heart-shaped faces, we want to instead minimize a quite a wide forehead and bring a bit of volume at the level of the jaws, little present.
We will choose, and without hesitating for a mid-long gradient ultra-natural , which will begin at the level of the cheekbones and jaw to move down to the bottom of the neck. The mop is, more than ever, recommended to rebalance your face, for example with a fringe of soft and asymmetrical or degraded also.
If you prefer short haircuts, bet on a square not too right , which stops at the level of the jaws, except if you do not want to raise a chin rather elongated, and always with volume at the root.




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